Thursday, October 18, 2018

Rules & Regulations at The Club

Our Mission

The Boys & Girls Clubs are a youth development organization dedicated to promoting the health, social, educational, vocational and character development for youths 7 - 18. Our purpose is to help young people improve their lives by building self-esteem and developing skills as well as values.


The Club is open to all children ages 7-18. The membership fee is $25 a school year from September to June. This membership must be renewed each year. Additional fees are charged for summer, special events, such as league sports, field trips, and special classes.

Please Be Aware

Due to the Club's Open Door Policy, parental rules determine where their children may play. Supervision is limited to portions of the site. For clarification of areas supervised, please ask staff. Our staff does not grant permission for children to leave the Clubhouse, nor do we insist they stay. The Club is not responsible for children if they leave the Clubhouse.

Program Information

There are many fun and exciting activities available for your child at the Boys & Girls Clubs of El Sobrante. Members are free to choose the program areas in which they participate, with some exceptions.

Late Policy

The Club opens and closes promptly as posted. We ask that parents ensure that their children do not arrive early or leave late. Children remaining at or near the Club at closing time will be taken inside and a staff member will remain with them until they are picked up. The parents will be called at closing. 15 minutes past closing, the emergency contact will be called and 1 hour after closing, the local law enforcement will be contacted. There is a late fee for children left at the Club after closing. $10.00 per 15 minutes.

Health & Emergencies

If a child displays any symptoms of illness while at the Club, the parents will be notified. Staff members are trained in first aid, C.P.R., as well as being able to handle everyday bumps and bruises. Should an emergency arise and medical attention is required, parents will be notified immediately. If parents can not be reached, the person listed as the emergency contact on the registration form will be called. Please keep all emergency information up to date with the staff.

Field Trips

For most field trips, we use public transportation. Permission slips and payments must be received in advance.


We are committed to providing the best possible experience for your child at the Club. In order to ensure safety and maintain a positive environment, staff must use discipline procedures with members who exhibit inappropriate behavior. The following steps may be utilized to assist in the enforcement of established rules and policies at the Club:

Step 1: Verbal warning
Step 2: Time out and Alternative Choice Form
Step 3: Discipline form and conference with parents.
Step 4: Suspension or permanent loss of Club privileges.

We appreciate your support of our policies and reinforcement of our discipline at home.


Please familiarize your child with these rules:

1. Treat people and property with respect.
2. Follow staff instructions.
3. Walk, don't run inside the building at all times.
4. Pushing, shoving or fighting is not allowed.
5. Use appropriate language. Foul language will not be tolerated.
6. Food and drink in designated areas only.
7. No throwing any object other than play equipment outside of the gym.
8. Always keep your shoes on.
9. No climbing (i.e. fences, trees, toilets, etc.)
10. Kids allowed in supervised areas only.

Additional rules may apply.


At the beginning of each day, we ask that all children sign-in with their full name, membership number and the time they arrived and that they sign out when they leave.


Each child may visit the Club for one afternoon before becoming a member. He or she must first check in at the front counter to meet the staff and receive a membership application. Visitors may not participate in field trips or outings. Each child must become a member upon his or her second day of attendance.

Lost & Found

Personal belongings should be properly marked and stored as directed. Any articles missing, lost or stolen are not the responsibility of the Club. Take home all projects and personal belongings each day. Lost & Found items are collected and kept for one month. If they are not claimed, they are donated to charity.

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