Thursday, October 18, 2018

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

for Boys and Girls Club of El Sobrante


• We are pleased that El Sobrante Boys and Girls Club (ESBGC) has the Internet and World Wide Web available to Members. ESBGC believes in the educational value of such electronic services and recognizes the potential of such to support our curriculum and Member learning. Our goal in providing these services is to promote educational excellences by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication. ESBGC will make every effort to protect the Members from any misuses and/or abuses during their experiences with this information service.


• Members are responsible for good behavior on the Club’s computer networks. The Club rules for behavior and communication apply. The network is provided for Members to conduct research, learning, and communicating with others. Access to network services is provided to Members who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner.


• To insure a beneficial and quality experience to all, Members are required to adhere to the following criteria for acceptable use:



Members Must Act With Respect


· Respect for the values and individuality of other members as well as the rest of the network community


· Respect for others by using appropriate language; always be polite.


· Respect for others’ privacy; this includes their passwords, folders, work, and files.


· Respect for the property of others, such as computers, computer systems, computer networks, and copyright


· Respect for the time and resources available by not wasting them


• In addition, Members are expected to use good judgment in all of their activities and help to provide a positive image of ESBGC to others who participate in the networked communication forums. Members will not be allowed to participate or enter chat rooms. Remember that each member is a representative of our Club a non-private system, what he/she says and does can be viewed globally.


• Access to telecommunications enables members to explore thousands of libraries, databases, and bulletin boards, while exchanging messages with people throughout the world. Telecommunication, electronic information source, and network services can significantly alter the information landscape for Club by opening the tech center to a broader array of resources. Members benefit from the access to the information resources and opportunities for collaboration, exceed the disadvantages.


• The use of the information system is a privilege, not a right, and any inappropriate use may result in disciplinary action and/or denial of this privilege. The Member use of telecommunications and electronic information resources will be permitted upon submission of the Member Internet Use Contract and the Parent Consent Form.




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