Thursday, October 18, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the club a day care facility?
A: No, the club is an after-school program with an open door policy, which means kids can come and go after school.

Q: Is the club supported by government funds?
A: No, the club is funded by private donations from the community, foundations and corporate grants, and fundraising.

Q:Is the Club for all children?
A: Yes. Our doors are always open to all children who come here in search of a positive place to make friends while learning and playing.

Q: Who are the kids that join the Club?
A: Our kids come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. More than half of the Club's youth come from single-parent families; we are here to help regardless of a family's ability to pay

Q: Do the younger and older Club members interact with each other?
A: While supervised opportunities do exist for mentoring, role-modeling, and more, the Boys & Girls Club of El Sobrante is fortunate to have program areas designed specifically for different age groups.

Q: How many children does the Boys & Girls Club of El Sobrante serve?
A: The Club serves more than 1,200 local children and their families each year

Q: How does the Club experience help children?
A: The Club's primary goal is helping children to succeed in life by building skills and behaviors that will encourage them to become productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Q: When did the Club begin?
A: Founded in 1958, the Club has established a tradition of caring and supportive involvement with the youth and families of Greater Richmond.

Q: Where is the Club?
A: We are located at 4660 Appian Way in El Sobrante.

Q: Do people remain connected to the Club?
A: Many do. The Club has alums, living locally and across the country. Today, many of them are still involved in assisting the Club through service on boards and committees and through financial support. In fact, if you are an alum of a Boys & Girls Club, let us know how you are doing

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