5 Powerful Ways the Jade Egg Will Change Your Life

The jade egg and the jade egg practice is one of the most powerful feminine tools available to women. It is a wonderful tool to help women become more familiar with and connected to their female anatomy. I call this Yoni Awareness. I’ll discuss the word Yoni below.

The benefits of using the jade egg can range from completely physical to spiritual and energetic, depending on how you use the jade egg.

The jade egg offers many benefits. Especially when you commit to doing deeper jade egg practices. This article introduces you to the jade egg and discusses how, using it, will enhance your life.

The jade egg is to be placed inside your vagina. Originally the jade egg practice was used by courtesans in ancient China. They were considered Taoist sexual practices for women to keep their sexuality and female anatomy resilient for the Emperor. This is ancient eastern wisdom that is now available to you.

I originally was introduced to the jade egg practice by Saida Desilet over 12 years ago. She was one of my teachers when I was doing my Spiritual Sexual Educator certification with the Divine Feminine Institute. I have used the egg ever since she introduced me to it. Jade Egg wisdom has changed my life and I want the same for you.

The Word Yoni in Regards to the Jade Egg
Before I go any further, I would like to introduce you to a word. It may or may not be new to you. This word is important for every woman to know. The word is Yoni. When I refer to a woman’s genitalia I most always use the word Yoni. The Jade Egg is also called the Yoni Egg.

Yoni, translated from Sanskrit means “Sacred Space.” This word is absolutely lovely! It’s neither nasty nor clinical. It sounds normal, natural and most of all the definition of it is honoring to a woman’s genitalia.

This word can be spoken publicly without a negative connotation attached to it, quite the contrary, especially if the meaning is known. I would like to encourage you to use the word Yoni when referring to your female parts. Simply making this one change will help you to honor and love your feminine side.

Over the years of using my Yoni Egg, I have found some powerful things it has done for me.

I would like to share with you 5 benefits from using the Jade Egg.

1. Changes Your Relationship with Your Female Parts
The most wonderful thing I love about having my yoni egg is that she helps me to have a deeper relationship with my female anatomy. Women hold the mysteries and all too often, we hold the mysteries from ourselves.

Women are the Innies
Men are the “outies”, we are the “innies.” A man has his anatomy right there, “sticking out” and it is easy for him to be tuned into that part of his body. For women, it is different. Since we are the “innies”, not as much is “sticking out.” Your Yoni isn’t as readily available to pay attention to. Your egg will help you to pay attention to her. That is what she likes, care and attention.

I have used a Yoni Egg for over 12 years. “She” has been my Yoni’s most long-standing intimate friend over the span of having gone through three intimate relationships and menopause. I have used not only the jade egg but also the rose quartz egg.

The rose quartz is my preference. Though some say it is recommended to start with the traditional jade egg. It is a matter of personal preference. Also, it depends on what crystal qualities you are wanting to work with as I will discuss later.

What I love about my Yoni Egg is that she lets me know what is going on with me and my feminine parts. Sometimes my egg wants to wear her and sometimes she doesn’t. Sometimes she stays in longer than other times.

The Yoni Egg and Your Menstrual Cycle
When I was a cycling woman, my Yoni didn’t want to have the egg in right before my period. It was wonderful to observe and honor that. My Yoni also changed when I was going through menopause. I noticed considerably how she didn’t want to wear the egg as much during that time.

I even had a period where my Yoni didn’t want to wear the egg at all and now she wants to wear her often. Overall my Yoni is so much happier when I am actively using my egg.

Besides wearing the crystal egg you can do deeper practices with the egg. I love when I take the time to do these practices. I cultivate more energy and awareness to that part of my body.

What has happened in working with my yoni egg is that I have a lot more vaginal muscle dexterity.

Not only has my vaginal muscle awareness increased by using the Yoni egg, my awareness of subtle and even spiritual energies in my Yoni have been awakened.
This is a profound experience I would like all women to experience.

Working with the jade egg or rose quartz egg is a powerful way to change the relationship you have with your female parts.

2. The Jade Egg & Rose Quartz Egg Have Healing Properties
Not only will your relationship with your Yoni change, the crystal eggs hold certain healing and energetic cleansing and purifying properties. If you have not worked with crystals I would highly recommend considering more ways you can use crystals to connect to your divine feminine energy.

For me, crystals are truly magical. I use them not only for enhancing my feminine health but also for protection. My car has a crystal in it to keep me safe when I drive. I have crystals in my house and garden.

This is part of the “unseen” powers that you can tap into if you would like to awaken your divine feminine nature. The book Love Is In The Earth goes into more detail about this.

When you work with the jade or rose quartz egg and place it into your vagina what you are doing is putting healing properties into a part of your body that has held cultural shame. Working with the egg helps you to clear this energy that literally weighs your consciousness down keeping you from your full potential.

I always recommend placing your yoni egg in with an intention or prayer. In this way, you are working with your egg spiritually and not just physically. This will awaken the more respectful, reverent and spiritual side of your sexuality.

Both the jade egg and the rose quartz egg have amazing healing properties.

The jade stone has what I would call more masculine energies or qualities and the rose quartz stone has more feminine qualities.

Qualities of Jade
Jade is called the “Dream Stone.” It is considered the stone of longevity, health, and well-being. Jade transmutes negativity and instills resourcefulness. It helps you to balance the needs of self with the needs of others. It instills confidence and self-reliance. These are powerful qualities! Imagine these qualities emanating from the core of your being.

The beauty of the jade egg is you are putting a masculine energy into the most feminine part of you. On an energetic level, there is a magical marriage of the masculine and feminine happening in that part of your body. Something to think about!

Qualities of Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is known as a “stone of gentle love.” It emits a calming energy, gently removing negativity and supporting the gentle forces of self-love. It brings calmness and clarity to emotions. The energy is soft and silky, cultivating a sense gentleness for those that use it. It helps to bring peacefulness and calm to relationships.

Did you know the hips can hold fear? In sexual reflexology (relating different parts of the vagina to different organs and emotions) it is known the opening to the vagina can hold fear.

If you have ever had a fearful or negative sexual experience, chances are, you were left with emotional imprints in your Yoni and in your psyche. Imagine putting such a soft, loving healing energy into that part of you. These eggs, when worked with lovingly and consciously, can be very transformative for you.

3. The Yoni Egg Increases the Connection to Your Femininity
Because working with the egg connects you to your female parts it will automatically get you connected to your femininity. It is all up to you how much you take advantage of the jade egg practice to help you connect to the deeper parts of your femininity.

When I refer to your femininity; I am referring to your receptivity, your divine feminine nature and your ability to nurture yourself. If you treat the egg like a tampon with little regard for the subtle energies your jade egg is awakening in you; you will miss out on the increased connection to your femininity that is possible.

Learning to Slow Down
Part of learning the jade egg practices is learning how to SLOW DOWN. We live in such a masculine-oriented, fast-paced, focused, “get it done” type world. Yoni’s don’t respond well to this type of energy.

The magic of the jade egg practices is it supports you slowing down, taking time for yourself and your Yoni, going into your inner world and cultivating your subtle energy body. These are all feminine qualities.

The Pointer Sisters famous song states a woman wants a man with a slow hand. Your Yoni craves slow energy too. The reason why is because the Yoni loves when her lover is present with her. Then she opens like a beautiful flower. This is the ultimate of connecting deeper to your femininity.

4. The Yoni Egg Brings Youth to Your Face!
Apparently, the internal tone of your vaginal walls is directly related to the collagen production and tone of your face. Can you believe it!

Though I haven’t found any medical proof, YET, to substantiate this statement, it is a motivator for me to keep doing my Yoni Yoga! With all the benefits the jade egg practice already provides, if in addition, it helps me to maintain a youthful face, I am all for it. I don’t need scientific proof.

My teacher is in her 40’s. She has been deeply dedicated to the jade egg practices for many years. She looks absolutely radiant. People have told me I look younger than my age too. I know yoga and Yoni Yoga has definitely kept me looking younger than I otherwise would look.

Naomi Wolf, a Yale graduate and former political advisor to Al Gore and Bill Clinton, wrote in her book titled “Vagina” about the direct connection of the vagina to the brain and even to women’s confidence.

The face is not that far off. The radiance of your face could very well be connected to the health and vitality of your vaginal walls.

5. The Yoni Egg Increases Orgasmic Response
The last wonderful way the jade egg will change your life is that it definitely increases orgasmic pleasure.

This is extremely important for women. Having an orgasm is challenging for many women. Shame is common in this area of the body. The resulting experience of orgasm is what I refer to as a “genital hiccup.”

It is time for you and all women to actualize your pleasure potential. Experiencing more pleasure is the path to empowerment for every woman.

Your Pelvic Floor Muscles and Pelvic Floor Health
The bottom of the body is often referred to as the pelvic floor. The truth is, the bottom of your body is nowhere near flat like a floor. The bottom of your body is more like a hammock type configuration of musculature that holds your internal organs in, including your sex organs. With that said, having pelvic floor health is really important.

Your pelvic muscles play a huge role in your body’s overall structural support. Just like a house needs a foundation, your body needs a strong foundation too. This keeps you feeling stable, centered and relaxed. If you would like to find out more about what is pelvic floor health Dr. Christian Northrup has much to say.

More Orgasmic Pleasure!

The best part is these muscles are the muscles that contract when you have an orgasm. Using the jade egg or crystal egg increases the strength and tone of the muscles directly involved in orgasmic contractions. What this means to you, is way more pleasure! Simply wearing the egg will strengthen the muscles, however, doing the practices will enhance your pleasure even more.

I call these hammock shaped muscles your love muscles. Therefore, you become an amazing, heart-centered, authentically empowered and sensually alive woman when these muscles are relaxed, toned and free from shame.

Remember, your female anatomy is your Yoni or your sacred space. Learn how to take good care of this area of your body. Change the type of relationship you have with “her.” Give her healing energy. Strengthen her so that you can experience more pleasure. And who knows, all the while, become younger looking because of it.

These 5-min meditation techniques can be done in front of your office desk

Meditation is an exercise of mind. It is a process in which one focuses on a particular point and feels the sensations of that particular activity. It is a way of relaxation of the brain. It is very important for mental health as well as for the body of the person all over. It rejuvenates the mind and enhances its capacity to retain facts and think.

Further, it helps in the fluent blood circulation and maintaining blood pressure. It has tremendous benefits for the human body and brain. It connects the person to some positive spiritual power and hence enhances mental activities. It is especially beneficial for the people of today’s world as per the present scenario.

Nowadays all over the world, because of the development and developing phases of the countries people are becoming victims of mental stress and trauma. The problem of mental illness is naturally affecting the lifestyle of the people as well as affecting their working efficiency.

One can see and experience the issues coming up on day to day basis which are hurdles in the way to a happy society and healthy people have become the victim of mental illness. As we all know that most of the action of a person is voluntarily controlled by the brain. So as a matter of fact, if the brain is not healthy and stressed or traumatized then the action will be affected accordingly. The actions ordered by such a sick brain can never be beneficial and positive.  Moreover, it affects society on the whole as each member collectively constitutes society. Therefore mental health is very important and being mentally healthy should be the most concerning fact.

Some meditating techniques:

Meditation involves some small steps like deep breathing, relaxation of muscles, body and mind meditation/visualization, etc. Below some of the basic techniques are described in great details:

Deep breathing: – A long deep breath with full concentration is the first step towards the whole process of meditation. It is very useful and important, and it works fast to make you free from the stress burden. Here is how you should do this deep breathing exercise at any place:

  • Be comfortable, in other words, sit in a comfortable posture with back straight and put your one hand on the chest and another hand on the stomach.
  • Then take a long deep breath so that the hand on your stomach should rise above and the hand that you have kept on your chest should move less.
  • Then release the air from your mouth slowly.
  • You need to continue this for a few minutes to get stability in your mind so that you can focus on your work with more concentration.

Mindful meditation: – There are times when your mind just stops working and you do not understand what to do in the next moment. Then at that time you just need to relax your mind. You can start with some deep breath and can also take a small walk at any place. This would allow you to come out of the stress for some time so that you can come to a concluding or deciding point when you are confused or so.

Muscle relaxation: – At times when you sit for a longer duration on a chair or work continuously on computers or laptops then your muscles get strained. As a result of which you feel tired and stressed. If you relax your body muscles then you feel relaxed and comfortable. By following ways you can practice body relaxation in few minutes:

  • Sit in a comfortable posture with a straight back and lose your shoes and then take deep breaths.
  • Next, you need to squeeze tightly the muscle of your right feet and keep holding it for a few seconds.
  • Then release it and repeat the same process with your left foot. After you relax the foot muscle after a few seconds then they feel light and you feel good.

Why are the benefits of meditation in today’s world?

The benefits of meditation in today’s world are as follows:

  • The first and foremost benefit of meditation is that it reduces stress. As we already know that the life of human beings in the 21st century is not less than a race and they are constantly living under pressure from all sides. As a result of which they feel stressed and suffocated. The level of stress is so much so that people are widely becoming a victim of the depression in today’s world. Mediation is one small step that helps people to think calmly and also reduces stress.
  • Many times what happens is that people become a victim of bad circumstances and they become emotionally vulnerable and weak. In such times there are huge changes that they go into the depressing mode. Mediation is helpful in such conditions as well. It gives people the strength to fight with their emotional problems and so makes them strong mentally as well as emotionally.
  • Due to stress, there is an increase in anxiety. Anxiety gives rise to many-body problems like high blood pressure and all. It also gives rise to mental issues such as social anxiety, compulsive behaviours, phobias, obsessive behaviours, etc. Anxiety can ruin the life of human beings as due to anxiety people moreover cuts off from society and they start to stay reserved. There are chances that they commit some unnatural activities that are harmful to them. Meditation gives peace of mind and thus reduces anxiety in human beings.
  • Meditation allows you to know your inner self better. Mediation allows positive energy to enter your lives so that you become positive. People become very negative and lose hope when they are stressed. So they become very sad and gloomy in their lives. Mediation cools their mind and so it allows them to think positively in life.
  • Mediation is also helpful for living a healthy and long life. It is so good that it should be practiced daily by all human beings. It helps them to gain concentration and at the same time makes them mentally, physically and emotionally fit and strong. Thus this provides a long and healthy life to human beings.
  • Mediation also helps to regulate the sleeping habits of human beings. Due to stress and anxiety, the sleeping habit of people becomes very disturbed and at some point, they may suffer from problems like memory loss and high blood pressure. If you meditate daily then you can be free from all these problems and your sleeping patterns would also be improved.

2 small meditation exercises that you can practice at your office desk:

Following are the 2 exercises that one can practice even in their office:

  1. Focus flame: This small meditating technique helps reduce your tension and eye strain due to continuous works in just a few minutes. You just need to follow some simple steps that are mentioned below:
  • At first, you need to switch off your computer.
  • Then in the next step, you need to light a candle.
  • Then put the candle in such a way that they are parallel to your eyes, keep the candle at a distance of 12- 16 inches.
  • Concentrate on the flame for a few minutes
  • Take deep breathes and exhale the air slowly from your mouth.
  1. Stress shaker: This small meditating step can also be practiced in office in the following ways:
  • Close your eyes
  • Take a deep breath
  • Shift your focus from the disturbing elements of the mind
  • Try to release all the negativity
  • Slowly try to feel that you are surrounded by positivity
  • Slowly open your eyes

Because of the present lifestyle, even the teenagers are becoming victims of mental trauma, with this condition we cannot take the future of the world for granted. For all these problems meditation is the most simple and natural solution. Nowadays in every educational institution as well as in workplaces certain meditation classes or sessions are being organized by the authorities every week for the members.

As mental health has become a serious contemporary issue. So such actions are important in the way to achieve the goal of a happier and positive world. We can even see the emergence of many meditation centers with a large number of members in it. This very thing shows or indicates the need and significance of meditation in people’s life. Whereas it is appreciable as well on people’s part to give time for this serious issue and work on that for a progressive tomorrow.

At many parts still, we find that mental illness is a taboo where people are struggling with it. So even at such places also we need to come up with such insights and overcome the problems with meditation. For the beginner meditation of 2-3 minutes is enough and one can even meditate while sitting on a chair before starting to work. It does not even take much time and it is very important also.