What are the sexual positions that double as yoga poses?

The survival and growth of humans are driven by the fundamental urge to seek love, pleasure, and happiness. We are conditioned to find suitable partners to have physical intimacy so that the ultimate goal of recreation could be achieved.  This pursuit of happiness depends on your mental and physical health. Any imbalance in the harmonization of all the five senses creates problems in sexual life resulting in several conflicts in the relationship.

The ultimate goal of self-actualization requires perfect synchronization and to do that you need to practice the ancient art of yoga.  This ancient yet very advance mind-body coordination mechanism, elaborated in detail in several Sanskrit scriptures, helps you achieve amazing balance in life. Once your mind and body are in perfect coordination, you can have an amazing sex life. Just imagine, if you could practice Yoga while enjoying intimate moments with your partner.  Yes, it is not just imagination but reality almost all your sex positions are somehow linked to the Yoga practices.

Sex and Yoga

Unlike the Greek meaning of “sex” i.e. “separation,” yoga visualizes it as mechanism physical and mental of reunion. If we go by Sanskrit scripture, the word “Yoga” means “to yoke, to dissolve separation.” Even if we by the popular notion of Yoga as Tantra practice it means Tan + tra i.e. stretch (tan) across (tra). In simple words, yoga is all about bringing mind and body in sync through stretching. This isn’t just the physical stretching but stretching the thought process to look beyond self and head towards the ultimate i.e. Sunyata — emptiness.

When you incorporate Yoga in your sex practices you find new meaning as you overcome the identity barrier and enjoy the moment with more passionately. The deeper you are more fulfilling it becomes. It is now well established through modern science that sex is much more than just a physical activity but a mental reunion. It is intention and motivation that makes sex a memorable experience otherwise it remains just an exercise. And Yoga gives you the intention and motivation through perfect mind-body coordination.

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How Does Yoga help with sex?

Once you start practicing Yogic sex with your partner you achieve that state of joy which is otherwise impossible to achieve through any other practices. You move from bodily separation to a mental reunion. You start seeing yourself in your sex partner and you fall in love with yourself. In other words, you start gratifying your other-self. Since yoga is all about perfect rhythm in mobility in coordination with balanced breathing, you remain in better control of all your senses. The blend of yoga with sex could help you get the mind-blowing experience. The hormonal and metabolic balance through Yoga gives you the ultimate sense of joy.

Interestingly, this isn’t new it is in practice since the beginning of human civilization. The ancient Sanskrit masterpiece “Kama Sutra”, written by Vatsyayana, elaborates not just the sex positions but various other aspects of the relationship, mental health, and well-being. This classic work has several pictorial presentations of sex positions and all these are well explained through Yogic teachings.

If you want to know about the ancient wisdom, you can find them in the Khajuraho Temple, located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It has been recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. If you study in detail you will find that the majority of your sex postures are very close to yoga postures. All you need to do is practice it in a better manner to get better results. In modern life, we all struggle to get enough time for physical and mental fitness, yoga with sex is great as this helps you get amazing physical flexibility and control over the mind.

In this era of the paucity of time and space, it is great to bring yoga in your bedroom and spice up the intimate moments.  Here are some of the yoga poses that could be of great value to boost your sex life:

Sex Positions That Are Yoga Poses

If you are not new to Yoga then you are aware of its benefits while practicing it in a studio. Take Yoga to your bedroom to experience the miracle of flexibility and harmony. If you are with your partner, Yoga can help you bring him closer to you not just physically but mentally as well. You will feel the sensual compatibility amazing body-to-body proximity and depth. Yoga practice helps you get the unimagined flexibility and joy driven fulfillment. It is not just you, but your partner will also feel the freshness and new level of excitement. These are some of the Yogic sex positions that will help you find new meaning:

  • Baby Pose

Don’t blame the name, baby-like flexibility is the key. This yogic posture has been rated best by practitioners for its simplicity. All you need to do is lie on your back and pull your feet towards the chest. The idea is to create maximum space for your partner. Your knee should ideally touch the ground near your chest. Try to get some comfortable bed as you will feel the temptation to sustain the action for a longer period. The openness and visibility will bring that amazing smile on the face of your partner.

  • Plow Pose

Simplest is the key here. Just lie on your back with knees bent and pull your knee towards the chest. Spread your legs and keep it perpendicular to the bed. Here begins the action, now hold your lower back and bend your hips to invite your partner. Maintain the balance and let your partner find optimum space for comfortable movement. The posture gives you maximum exposure to get maximum penetration and ultimate pleasure. You need to be a little careful in balancing if you have cervical issues.

  • Downward Dog

This is known as Adhi Mukha Svanashana aka a down-face dog posture. This yoga posture is to invigorate metabolism and perfect breathing. You have to spread and feet 2 feet apart. Visually it looks like upside-down V. You need to push your back against gravity and maintain the balance in inclination. Now, you can invite your partner to caress your back and explore the depth. Your partner might push you harder, so try to get some support for balance. This is more popular among youths to have fun while standing. This exposure from a different angle gives you an amazing sensation.

  • Three-Legged Dog Pose

This is just an extension of the traditional dog posture as you open your space a little more by spreading one leg more. This lets your partner come from a different angle. You can change your leg to explore another dimension. Try to keep your hip open as much as you can to have maximum advantage.

  • Standing Forward Bend

Want to have a little thrill in sex? This yoga posture, designed to give your spine more flexibility, is of great value if you want to feel action while standing. Just spread your legs 3-4 feet wide, as per your comfort and kneel forward with a hand on your knee cap. This is more than enough to excite your partner to explore the depth in totality. The back entry could be a little painful so try some effective lubricants to cut friction. The problem is that you get conditioned for a new level of pleasure-seeking.

  • Bridge Pose

The core idea is to use bodyweight to bring the lower and upper body in sync for perfect functionality. As the name suggests, you have to take the shape of a bridge to get maximum penetration by creating maximum space. You have to lie on your back with bent knee and firm on the ground. Just spread your feet little more to adjust your partner within the pace. Once you have the desired stability, raise your hip upward and from a slope towards the shoulder. Your partner will love to be on the bridge to give you the pleasure of maximum penetration. Flexibility is the key here; blend it with other yoga posture to get maximum pleasure.

  • Savasana or Dead body Posture

Scary name but one of the most effective yoga posture to find mind-body sync. All you need to do is lie on the ground and let all your body go free. Ideally, you should not be applying any force. You will feel the sinking in depth. Let your partner come between your legs and caress your organs to find depth. Breath control and mobility make it one of the most popular yoga postures.

  • Balasana

If you want to try spinal stretching and activate a neural response, you should try this yoga posture during sex. You have to sit on your heels and spread knees a foot apart. Now you have to bend forward so that your upper body touches the inner thighs. Just take your hand forward and touch the ground. Let your partner come from the back. Since this posture is focused on stretching you have to ask your partner to apply weight accordingly. The penetration along with stretching helps you get amazing lower body balance. The grab your partner will give him the much need control of hold while in action.

Yoga is all about balance and sex is all about union. The pursuit of happiness begins with finding the balance and seeks ultimate reunion. In this fast-paced modern life, you need to find a balance and yoga sex is one of the best possible ways to find that optimum balance of pleasure and fitness.