Four neck corset facts that will convince you to use them

Have you ever heard of neck corsets? Is this something you would be interested in wearing? Here are the most important facts about neck corsets, how to wear them, and what they have to offer. 

It is common among the kinksters community

What might surprise many people is that neck corsets are quite common. Of course, there are a few subcultures that prefer wearing them, and there is a high chance you won’t find them as soon as you step outside. 

These accessories are a perfect choice for BDSM and goth culture. And the only difference between the two (if there is any) is in design. A neck corset for BDSM will often have rings that can be used in bondage, while goth collars have intricate designs. 

Both can look amazing, and there are no rules. No one is saying that you won’t see a goth person with a ringed collar. The only thing that matters is that they look wonderful and that these collars can complement their style. It is an important part of fashion, and it has many other purposes. 

BDSM: Breath play

When it comes to BDSM, both men and women love wearing neck corsets as a way to spice things up and make their sessions exciting. A typical example is breath play. If you are unaware of it, breath play is a kinky practice that involves restricting oxygen during sex or erotic play — in short, asphyxiation. The idea behind it is to intensify orgasms or to improve sexual experience. And corsets for the neck can be more than helpful. Now, the most important aspect of breath play is trust. 

A couple will have to fully trust each other if they want to practice it since it can be dangerous. Things can easily get out of control and have serious consequences. If you plan on using neck corsets for breath play, be sure to know all about these accessories. Restricting oxygen is often simple, but you need to know how to remove it if necessary. 

Neck corsets support neck movement

Neck corsets are not designed to restrict movement. Yes, there are models created for this very purpose, but they are called posture collars. These collars are made of a rigid material, and the idea behind them is to prevent the wearer from moving. 

Corsets, on the other hand, can improve one’s posture, but they support neck movement. They add a sense of style and high fashion, which is one of the primary reasons why it is popular in the goth community. 

If you have ever seen a goth person, you know that they care a lot about their appearances. Every piece of clothing or accessory they wear is spotless and perfectly matched together. And having a corset on your neck that prevents injuries and makes you feel comfortable is always a good thing.

Neck corsets have variations

With the popularity of neck corsets, the options are nearly limitless. To an untrained eye, many of these models might look similar, but there are many differences between them. And it is up to an individual to pick a model they will enjoy wearing. 

As we mentioned, some models have rings you can use in bondage (or to attach a leash), you can find ones with a gag ball, and even models that fully cover the wearer’s mouth. It all comes down to what you are trying to achieve. 

Do you need something that will go well with your dress? Or are you looking for a corset that will make your erotic play even kinkier? As long as you know what you are trying to find, you won’t have any problems. 

Our guidelines

Today, finding a neck corset is quite simple. You can always visit your local sex shop (or a goth store) and see what they have to offer. But even if the choices are non-existent, you can always check online. Many companies offer delivery regardless of the location, so you will undoubtedly find a model you will enjoy. 

As with any other accessory or piece of clothing, it might take you a while to get used to it, especially if you have never worn anything similar. Our recommendation is to always go slow. Start with a material that will feel comfortable and pleasant on your skin like the one we have at LAIDtex.

Latex is always a good option since it is skin-tight, and wearing it feels incredible. Once you get used to the feeling of having a neck corset, you can experiment further with different types and models.

Why is yoga most essential for people who are overweight?

Is weight loss through yoga possible? The answer is yes! If you are interested in losing weight, there are many ways you can approach the situation. With yoga, you will notice that the benefits it has for overweight people are rather impressive. 

How Yoga Affects People’s Weight

Yoga is a mind-opening form of exercise. It bears a lot of similarities to gyms, but those that practice yoga often train both their bodies and their minds. One of the reasons why so many people are into it is that it is not as stressful for the body as other forms of exercise. So, you won’t be able to burn calories as fast, but you can still make some progress if you are consistent. 


It all comes down to how much you plan on being physically active and whether calorie burning is your primary goal. But even if you don’t have problems with extra weight, yoga can help you keep your current weight in line. Of course, there are many different types of yoga. You can always go for one that involves a lot of movement since it will help you with your weight loss goals


If you are unsure of the types of yoga you can practice, you can always talk to other people or join a group. Just visit one of the yoga classes and ask for all the info you need. People there will be more than happy to assist.

Short Disclaimers

There are a few things you need to know before you sign up for a class. Firstly, there are so many yoga benefits you can get, but only if you are careful and follow the procedure. But more importantly, you will need to take it easy. You don’t need to push yourself, and losing weight will come with time. One of the most important things is consistency (it is important to train at least a few times per week). 


Some people would push themselves over their limit and then spend the next couple of weeks recovering. And that isn’t productive at all. So, listen to your yoga instructor, and follow their instructions. Another thing we should mention is that overweight people should focus on weight loss first and foremost. There is no reason to rush to improve flexibility. You will do that later. 

Yoga Is Much Easier

Compared to other forms of exercise, yoga is significantly easier. You can still see the results after a while, and there are numerous other health benefits, sure. But what makes it so good is that you won’t need to torture yourself to lose weight. Many people see regular training in the gym as scary. They are aware that it requires a lot of work, while yoga has a more relaxed approach. 


Naturally, yoga won’t work on helping you build strength. You will still need to work hard if you want to see results. But the entire approach is a lot simpler. Of course, both types of exercise are good. It all comes down to what you’re comfortable with. Some enjoy a tenser, more competitive program that the gym offers, while others love a relaxed method that is yoga.

Yoga Is Good for Beginners

Yoga is excellent even if you have no previous experience. And this is one of the primary reasons why so many people enjoy practicing it. Namely, you will learn about the basics, and you can choose your own tempo. Yoga is not a competition. There is no reason to try to beat the others since it is impossible. 


Instead, you can focus on your own body and make yourself feel good. And this is especially important for overweight people. Going to the gym requires a lot more effort, and coaches will push you to work harder and harder to achieve results. Yoga studios, on the other hand, have different vibes. The most important thing in most of them is to work consistently and choose what suits you the best. 

Yoga Reduces Health Risks Cause by Being Overweight

Many people see yoga as a lifestyle. It can help improve your energy and help you work towards being healthier. Everyone knows that yoga and meditation are intertwined, so you’ll be able to fight anxiety and depression. More importantly, yoga improves your mindset. It helps you think in a different way and teaches you how to free your mind. 


At the same time, you will be able to lose weight and stay in shape. So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits you will notice if you decide to stick to yoga. 


Firstly, yoga teaches you about flexibility, balance, and strength. If you are already suffering from back problems, yoga is the way to go. There are yoga poses designed to help you stretch every part of your body, and they can help with numerous conditions like arthritis, heart disease, and sleep deprivation. 


But one of the crucial parts you will learn from teachers is self-care. Each class you take will bring you closer to a healthier mindset and body. And you will get a chance to meet lovely people in the community. 

Additional Techniques for You to Practice

The first thing we will mention is that you should try to avoid doing anything on your own. Finding a yoga teacher is the way to go. They will be able to show you beginner-friendly techniques and help you focus on losing weight. 


Once you find a teacher, you will need to work on building a routine. Consistency is the key, and you should practice regularly. Find poses that are comfortable but still able to challenge you. Forcing yourself is not an option. You will do more harm than good if you try to push yourself into a pose if you’re not ready. 


So, take your time, and enjoy the journey.

DDLG: A good daddy dom makes a good little girl

It’s not every day that we try to tackle the subject as controversial as age play. However, today is. Lucky you, right? 

So have you ever wondered what age play is? Are you curious about DD/LG relationships? Don’t worry! We have your back! We’re here to explain everything.

Let’s start with some misconceptions. The kink community prides itself on being open-minded and embracing all consensual role-play. Yet, somehow even within such a community, age play or, more specifically, DD/LG role-play is often misunderstood. 

What is DD/LG and what does it stand for?

Just like any other kink, age play is multifaceted. One of the most common role-play scenarios here is the DD/LG one. This acronym stands for “Daddy Dom/Little Girl,” and it signifies a relationship between two consenting adults that have two very specific roles. One partner, usually a man (that’s the daddy dominant), takes on the role of the paternal figure and caregiver, while the other, usually a woman pretending to be younger (his baby girl, if you will), takes the role of the submissive partner. 

Of course, there are different variations of the DD/LG kink, depending on the gender of each partner. So, for example, there are mommy doms who have their little boys (or little girls) as well. The gender of age players doesn’t matter as much as the dynamic between them (which is the whole point of age play).

Right off the bat, it’s clear that age play has nothing to do with incest or pedophilia, right? Well, you’d think so. However, this kink actually has a bad rap because most people (especially those of the vanilla persuasion) often confuse it or associate it with these illegal and immoral actions.

In reality, a DD/LG relationship is no different than any other kinky relationship. The first rule of BDSM relationships is that everything that happens between partners has to be consensual, and all partners must be of age.  

Strick and nurturing — Daddy dom

Age play is all about domination and submission. That means one person has to take on the role of the dominant partner or the caregiver. In a DD/LG relationship, that’s the daddy dom. 

As mentioned, DD/LG relationships aren’t gender-conforming, but since daddy doms and little girls are the most common roles, we’ll use those terms.

Before we get into the daddy dom duties, it’s important to note that not all DD/LG relationships are of sexual nature. What’s more, some couples only assume their roles in the bedroom or playroom, while others like to incorporate play into their daily lives. The dynamic and frequency of play depend on the partners, their desires, needs, and agreements.

The submissive partner, or the little girl, relies on her daddy dom to take control, take care of her, make decisions for her, and discipline her if necessary. Daddy dom, on the other hand, takes on the mentioned duties and makes sure his little girl has everything she needs and wants. He plays with her, provides for her, and makes her feel safe and comfortable. Of course, he also punishes her if she misbehaves.

Depending on the age of the little girl, daddy dom duties can vary. Sometimes age play involves changing diapers and feeding, while at other times, it can involve dealing with a bratty teenager that loves breaking the rules. As with anything else in kink, it’s all about whatever both parties have previously agreed on.

How to be a good daddy

A good caregiver ensures that his little girl is safe and cared for. He knows what’s best for her and doesn’t hesitate to make decisions or enforce rules, all for her well-being.

The main characteristics of a good daddy dom are:

  • trustworthiness
  • reliability
  • protective nature
  • decisiveness

Of course, a good daddy dom also listens to his baby girl, hears what she needs, and provides for her. That implies being a nurturing yet dominant and strict partner. A good daddy dom will always spoil his little girl and reward her when she follows the rules he came up with. He’ll always buy her the prettiest dresses, princess plugs, and other toys, and he’ll make her feel like the most loved little girl in the universe.

Of course, should she misbehave, a good daddy dom will always punish the little girl with no mercy. That might mean anything from sending her to bed without watching cartoons to plugging her up and not letting her come and using her as a cock-sleeve. As mentioned, rules, rewards, and punishments depend on the dynamic and the nature of the relationship between daddy dom and his little girl.

Silly and childish — Little girl

The role of the little is a submissive one. The little girl relinquishes all control because she knows her daddy dom knows better. She can enjoy her life in a carefree manner because she doesn’t need to make decisions or suffer the consequences. All she has to do is be a good little girl for her daddy dom and follow his rules.

Of course, little girls aren’t always good, and they sometimes misbehave. Being bratty is often the stable characteristic of submissive partners who play the role of a teenage girl. Bratty littles love getting both praise and punishment from their daddies. They’ll enjoy pats on the head and forehead kisses when daddy tucks them into bed and tells them what good girls they’ve been and spankings in equal measure.

How to be a good little girl

Good girls always follow all daddy dom’s rules. They don’t talk back or argue, and they always smile. What’s more, they always look cute and sexy for their daddy doms. 

Because they are childish and love giving up control, little girls trust their partners to do what’s best for them. They enjoy the structure of rule-following and are happy to do anything that would make their daddy doms happy — from making daddy breakfast in bed on the weekends to always swallowing daddy’s spunk like the good little girls they are.

Some of the usual rules enforced by daddy doms are:

  • Cute and frilly outfits, like short skirts and crop tops, must be on during play.
  • Little girls have to follow and honor their curfews (back home at a certain hour, lights out at a certain hour, etc.).
  • Good little girls don’t swear.
  • They also don’t talk to strangers (especially strange men) without daddy’s explicit permission.

What is little space

As mentioned, not all couples engage in age play 24/7. Actually, most of them don’t. Usually, age play is something they do on certain occasions or at set times during the day or week. Before they do, the submissive partner usually has to get into the specific mind frame, which is called little space. 

When the submissive partner is in their little space, they are carefree, docile, happy, and able to take a break from usual day-to-day duties. That makes it easier for them to take on the role of someone who’s younger and child-like.

Reaching the little space isn’t always easy. Some littles use activities such as coloring, playing with stuffed animals, or cuddling with their dom daddies to get into the right frame of mind.

A few parting words

Age play is a common kink. Despite the judgmental attitude, more and more people are speaking openly about it. It’s about nurturing and caring, and it can be a healing experience. Age regression play isn’t something dirty and wrong.

However, it’s vital that age play (and any other form of kink, for that matter) is done right. That means that all parties must agree to whatever is going on, even if it involves playing with a preferred choice of sex toys. They also must be of age and constantly communicate their needs and desires to each other.

Finally, all partners must respect and enforce each other’s soft and hard limits. That’s the only way age play can be pleasurable for all parties.

Top 6 Bunny Tail Plugs for Your Rabbit Play

Bunny tail plugs are the cutest of all animal tail plugs out there. Does your partner remind you of a playful bunny? Do you often wonder about indulging with a sexy rabbit play with her? Well, that’s cool- but you would need proper props for that to create a more realistic feel. This is where bunny tail plugs is just the thing you would want.

Interestingly bunny tail plugs are different from that of other animal tail butt plugs. With other animal tails, you will generally find a long or bushy tail. But, with rabbit tails, you get a small shrubby cute tail- just like that of a real rabbit. Just imagine you come back from work only to find your girl on all fours with the little rabbit tail peeping out between her sexy butt cheeks! The very thought of it is sure to turn you on.

The good thing is you will find the bunny tail plugs in a wide variety of materials and colors today. In regards to materials, you have them in silicone, glass, metal or stainless steel. When it comes to colors, well, there are bunny tail plugs with natural colored tails- like fawn, brown or white. Besides, you will even find these tails in bold uncommon shades such as blue, pink, red and so on.

You must be curious to try out rabbit tail butt plugs by now. The good thing is the post below offers a brief on the best rabbit tail plugs you may try out this time.

Faux Bunny Tail Silicone Plug

If white is your color, then this would be the perfect bunny tail plug for you. The very visual of tufts of white fur wiggling in between soft butt cheeks is instantly arousing. You two are sure to have a gala night ahead with this white bunny faux fur plug. As the tail is made of faux fur, you can be assured no question of animal cruelty  here. In fact, if you are a vegan and looking for a vegan animal tail plug, this will be the toy for you.

The plug is made from silicone and assures a very comfortable and smooth entry. Its insertable length is 2.5” which makes it suitable for intermediate or beginner level users.

Neon bunny butt plug silicone

If you are fond of bold colors, this neon pink shade is sure to impress you. The dark fuchsia shade is visually stimulating and you will get a solid boner to see the pink fluffiness wiggling before you. The plug body is made from silicone. It comes with tapered end which assures a very comfy and frictionless entry into the anus. Thanks to the flared base, you can be guaranteed of no risks of over-insertion. It’s a unisex toy and hence can be used by both the partners.

Stainless steel white bunny tail plug

The white fluffy tail speaks of plush sensuous nights just like a boss. It’s classy, luxe and amazingly sexy. You will love to touch and play with it. In regards to the plug body, it is made from stainless steel. The material is body-safe and assures a solid fullness at the backdoor. If you are looking for something real hard for powerful stimulation, this is the plug for you. However, if you are a beginner, it’s better to use it once your body is fairly accustomed to using butt plugs.

Spiral bunny tail plug

Are you bored of regular tear-drop shaped butt plugs and looking for something new and different this time? Well, in that case, this spiral stainless steel butt plug is sure to make your nights even hotter. The rounded borders all across the plug body will create a unique sensation inside your anus and indulge you in a mind-blowing orgasm. Put simply, you will experience something new this time and savor every bit of it. You will get the plug in wide range of colors, such as pink, green, purple, black, white etc.

Pink Crystal Rabbit Tail Butt Plug

You have an award-winning rabbit tail butt plug here which is all set to rock your world. This glass rabbit tail butt plug is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s elegant, gorgeous and speaks of an invigorating orgasm that you would love to enjoy time and again. You will adore the baby pink poof which promises evergreen nights filled with lots of laughter, fun, steamy action and certainly bouts of orgasm.

The tail is crafted by leading adult toy manufacturer Crystal Delights. It’s made of “refused” animal parts and you can be sure of no issue of animal cruelty here.

The good thing is, the plug comes in 3 bulb sizes- medium, small and large. This way, you can choose  a one as per your experience level and comfort. In regards to the glass body, don’t worry, it won’t break easily. The plug is made from borosilicate glass which makes it real hardy.

Kawaii Bunny tail plug with ears

The plug comes in a pretty pink shade which is sure to impress you. The plug body is made of stainless steel and you can expect a solid fullness and enhanced stimulation here. But the tail plug doesn’t come along. It has also brought cute pink bunny ears that would complete the bunny-play look.

There are more to this list, and you can view them at loveplugs. They have an impressive collection, and there is always something for you.

Final words

Have you ever used a butt plug before? Well, if not, then, always choose a rabbit tail plug with silicone body. Silicone is soft and comfortable which assures a frictionless entry inside the anus. If your body is not used to butt plugs, a tough metal or glass butt plug would be too hard for it. You would first need to season your body to accept butt plugs. Thus, silicone rabbit tail plugs would be the safest choice here. As your body gradually gets accustomed to butt plugs, you can try out metal or glass rabbit butt plugs.

Also, make sure to use generous amount of lube every time you use a butt plug. Make sure to apply the lube both on the plug and your anal door. Clean your toy regularly and brush often to maintain the volume of the tail.

How to Safely Ride a Horse Dildo

Horse dildos are your perfect partner when you are in the mood to try out something very large and very special. Inspired by the massive size and girth of horse penis, these dildos are truly one-of-a-kind. Their sheer size is always tempting and they can rocket your sensuous moments to a new high altogether. Are you eager to explore that massive fullness of horse dildo? Well, you will find them in really alluring sizes today, ranging from 8” to even 17”! Horse dildos also come with an innovative flared head that will fill you with unique sensations.

Sex with horse dildo is always something really exquisite. Whether you are planning a solo play or are with a partner, it will be a rewarding experience both ways. However, it’s to stress here horse dildos demand you to be particular about certain aspects to enjoy a smooth pain-free ride. The post below shares a brief on the safety tips to remember while using a horse dildo.

Body-safe product

You certainly don’t want to end up in allergies just after a marvelous experience with your horse dildo. It’s to note here not all dildo materials are body-safe and can land you in chronic allergic situations. To avoid that, always look for horse dildo made from body-safe material. Look for stores that offer dildos made form medical-grade silicone. This silicone is the one that’s used for hospital aids and hence is the safest for your body.

Check out reviews

Don’t just go and buy the very first horse dildo you come across online. At times, products are not what they manufacturers claim for. And only the customer review can get you a vivid idea about the worth of a product. Look for models that have been doing the rounds for a while now. This way, you will have better chances to find a good lot of customer reviews. You should always take a comparative study on 4-5 such dildos beforehand. Check their reviews, ratings and customer testimonials to find the best of the lot. Your chosen one should be backed by stellar ratings and a long line of happy customers just like what what you can read from lovegasm.

Mind the size

Horse dildos are famous for their mindblowing size. But before you opt for a one, ask yourself whether or not your body is ready for that massive size. Remember, when you will penetrate something that huge inside your body, it will impact your muscles. Your muscles will be stretched which may result in torn muscles if your body is not prepared yet to handle such bug a dildo.

One of the main prerequisites of exploring a horse dildo is a solid experience with dildos. Now, that you are expressing interest in horse dildos, it can be assumed that you do have some experience with dildos. But, have you ever used large dildos? If not, your body won’t be ready for horse dildos. So, the primary thing to do her is to spend some time with large dildos. You can graduate to horse dildos only when your body is ready to stretch for a minimum 7” size.

Start small

This tip is for both who are experienced in large dildos and those who have recently started to use them. Horse dildos are even bigger than regular large dildos. When it comes to large dildos, the length ranges from 7” to 11-13”. But with a horse dildo, the minimum length is above the smallest size of a regular large dildo. So, even if you are experienced with large dildos and have experimented with various lengths, it won’t be safe to assume that you are ready for the maximum length of a horse dildo. Put simply, when it comes to horse dildos, always start with their smallest size. It will limit stretching of muscles and keep your body safe. Once when you get used to the minimum size of a horse dildo, you may attempt the larger sizes.

Turn yourself on

As horse dildos are abnormally large, they can be painful if pushed right away inside your body without any prior preparation. Thus, before you get it inside, make sure to turn yourself on. It’s great if you are with a partner. You can engage in a passionate foreplay before penetrative sex. If you are not with a partner, a lovely erotica could start the game for you. Otherwise, you may also watch porn to stimulate the right mood. In the meanwhile, touch and caress your erogenous parts to get into the groove and prepare your body for a massive penetration.

Don’t try into anal immediately

Anal sex is always invigorating. But, you should understand that the anal muscles are tighter than the vaginal walls. Thus, not all things that smoothly insert through the vagina will experience the same seamless feel while going through your backdoor. This detail is especially important when it comes to horse dildos given their abnormally large height and girth. In other words, it’s safer not to use a horse dildo into your anal, especially if you have not experienced big dildos at your backdoor.

You may, however, try a horse dildo into your anal if you have a partner with you who can control the toy and take it out immediately if there seems to be any cause for concern.

Lubrication is significant

Lubrication is important for all kinds of dildos and more so for a dildo as big as a horse’s penis. You can’t just push the dildo into your body immediately. Before you go for insertion, lather a generous layer of lubricant both on the toy and your vaginal door. As mentioned before, a foreplay is important since it helps the vagina to lubricate naturally. But your natural lubrication is not enough to ensure a smooth and safe entry of horse dildo. You will need an external layer of lubrication here to make the road even more seamless.

Final words

So, you have a pretty exhaustive guide here about a safe ride with a horse dildo. Just one more thing- make sure to clean and sanitize your dildo before and after every use.

Can meditation help in sexual performance?

Meditation is a complete specified process in which the brain goes under relaxation mode. It is nowadays generally taken in some other ways. Things like daydreaming, introspection, sitting quietly and focusing on something or deeply thinking about some topic are associated with meditations. But meditation is none of these activities. It is rather a way of resting of mind with great consciousness.

Meditation is often confused with other activities and is even related to certain religious practices, but it is not related to religion and is considered a pure science. As per the elements of science, it is has a specific organized technique, a stable and applicable process with definite and predictable results. It teaches you to be systematized and calms the mind.

Meditation is a kind of vacation or breaks for the brain which brings happiness and joy to rejuvenate it. It even inspires the brain to be practical and impartial towards the world and think positively. It keeps the brain focused and helps to avoid distractions. Further, it connects oneself from his or her inner self or soul. It provides the brain capacity or power to explore his/ her thoughts. So it is a worldwide necessity.

By today’s world scenario it is of great importance and value, as it is the only and the best solution prevalent for the contemporary modern problems of the world at large. It is because of the present lifestyle of people and the stressful life they are dragged into. Most of the population is facing mental illness and trauma.

What are some of the general benefits of meditation?

Meditation has many benefits and it helps human beings in numerous ways. Some of the most common benefits of mediation are listed below:

  • Meditation helps in stress reduction in human beings. Due to the complex lifestyle in this competitive world, we human beings are generally stressed due to heavy workload. Meditation is the simplest way to come out of stressful situations and live peacefully.
  • It also reduces your anxiety and makes you happier. In other words, it helps you to be safe from depression.
  • Many bodily diseases occur due to stress and anxiety. However, if you meditate regularly then you can overcome your stress and live peacefully. This will also prevent all the body problems that are caused due to stress and anxiety.
  • By practicing regular meditation you can live a longer life. In other words, mediation provides longevity.
  • Meditation helps you to balance your sleeping habits. If your sleep pattern is regulated then you are free to form a lot of diseases and mental stress. Related: Know these healthy sleeping habits from Sleep Education.
  • Mediation allows you to discover your inner self in a better way and thus you know yourself more deeply and spiritually.
  • Mediation helps live tension and stress-free life by improving concentration and building confidence in your life so that you can fight against any problems in life.
  • Mediation provides positivity in your life. Positivity or positive vibes help you to think positively thus in the time of crisis also you stay positive and calm.

Is meditation helpful in having a good sex life?

As stated above, mediation has many benefits and advantages to human life. Good sexual performance comes under the list of benefits of meditation. In other words, increased or good sexual performance is one of the key benefits of meditation. So it can be said that yes, sexual performance can be enhanced by practicing regular meditation.

At times due to stress and excess anxiety, the sexual life of human beings is hampered very badly. They can not even overcome their stress in bed. As a result of which they end up having a bad or dissatisfactory sexual life. Mediation can be of great help to overcome this problem. It helps human beings in several ways by which they can calm themselves and so can enhance their sexual performance.

We see that in today’s world people are frustrated with their busy corporate working world. This is even affecting the sex life of people. Meditation can be helpful in these grounds also as meditation can release stress and calms the mind. It even lowers blood pressure. Later the process of breathing circulates more of oxygen in the blood which in returns the captivity of the mind and body. So it helps in increasing the desire and presence of the body during sexual activity.

It helps the person be positive and energetic towards sex. It further adds empathy and softness in the attitudes of people while being sexually active. It helps in feeling the feeling of respect towards the partner. It works in making one is connected to his or her partner, be in touch and be more alive at the moment which is quite important while sex.

What are some of the meditating techniques?

There are several ways in which you can meditate. Mediation can be started from a simple exercise of deep breathing only. Some of the basic steps for mediating in a short period are as follows:

  • At first, you need to sit in a relaxing and comfortable posture. This means that your back should be straight.
  • Put one of your hands on your stomach and another on your chest.
  • Take long breaths however the hands-on your chest should not move fast but the hand on your stomach should rise above. This means that you intake a lot of air inside.
  • In the next step, you need to release the air slowly. You can repeat this small exercise for several minutes to get better effects.

You can also relax your muscles to get better results. Like for example, you can relax your feet muscle in some easy steps mentioned below:

  •    Sit comfortably with the back straight
  •    Take deep breaths
  •    Squeeze your foot tightly for some time and then release
  •    Repeat the same process with another foot to get better results

This muscle exercise can be practiced with hands, back, neck, etc in different ways. Similarly, meditation can be done in many other ways also.

How can meditation help in enhancing sexual performances in human beings?

Meditation can help human beings to increase or enhance the sexual performance in many ways. Some of the important ways are listed below:

  • As it is already stated above that meditation reduces stress and so it has many benefits. Reduced stress level is also good for better sexual performance. In other words, if you are free from stress then you will enjoy orgasm to a great extent. It is generally observed among the females that due to stress cortisol level increases in their bodies. As a result of which their ability to enjoy or do orgasm simply decreases. So if you start to practice meditation then your sexual capacity to do orgasm gets enhanced and you also enjoy sexual activities more.
  • If you are stress-free then you will also be free from anxiety and thus depression. This means that you will be more energetic, enthusiastic and positive in your life. It is proven that practicing meditation regularly provides deep healing and deep rest to our bodies. Meditation is therefore good for our bodies as it saves a lot of positive energy in the body that can be utilised in sexual activities. In other words, the sexual performance of a person will be increased if he or she is more energetic and relaxed.
  • The concentration that human beings achieve by doing meditation regularly is not only helpful in general life and studies. Rather it also helps in enhancing the sexual performance of the person. The more you will be concentrated the better you can be in bed. As your attention will be on your partner and your brain will not be distracted due to some other tension and stress.
  • In many of the people, the sexual drive gets suppressed due to the stress and problems of their life. If they meditate regularly then they get relief from the stress and tensions in their lives. This also is helpful for their sex life, as a stress-free mind works better in bed also. Like in general, life stress takes away all the fun and interest from day to day life activities, similarly in sexual life stress kills the sexual desire at times. Meditation revives the sexual drive and emotion of sex that helps in improving and increasing the sexual drive in human beings.

It is generally observed that meditation and sex are taken to be very discreet from each other; it is so as one requires a sort of external inactiveness while the latter involves much of activity. But the mental requirements for sex are hugely important for keeping the spark alive and maintaining the passion. One’s enjoyment depends much on their attitude towards the activity. To make it positive, passionate, sympathetic, energetic, respective and alive meditation can be beneficial.

What are chants and why you should do it every day?

We are conditioned to seek pleasure, happiness, and well-being so that we could achieve the ultimate goal of self-actualization. It is a fact that in this modern way of living we all struggle to maintain the natural balance and harmony of our all senses. This imbalance gives birth to several physical and mental disorders which ultimately affects all aspects of life from self, personal relationship, professional performance and wealth. So, what to do to maintain the balance and bring all senses in harmony with nature?

It has been scientifically proven that chants could be of great help in bringing all senses in harmony. When someone practices chanting, the process involves mind, sound and the flow of energy. It helps you regain the natural chemical balance of mind and body, which in turn helps to control emotional responses. It helps in balancing the nervous system which in turn brings the endocrine system to normalcy. This helps in maintaining the optimum balance of hormones, which ultimately control the mood, attitude, and well-being. Here are some of the benefits of regular chanting:

Benefits of Chanting

  • Chanting helps in reducing anxiety and depression by balancing the neurotic response mechanism.
  • It takes us towards actualization meaning it helps us discover self and see everything in context. You start shedding the subconscious neurotic habits and regain control over self.
  • Chanting helps you soothe all senses and take you to a different dimension of being. Momentarily, you go beyond the realm of time and space and feel the joy of nothingness.
  • Chanting changes your perspective leading to making you more compassionate. The awakened spirituality helps you unite with all with no division.
  • Rhythmic chants help you boost immunity as this brings your hypothalamus in action. Your better control over brain functionality helps you improve overall well-being.
  • The vocal exercise helps you trigger several glands resulting in better functionality chemicals. This effectively improves your mental capacity and intuition.
  • Simplicity is the key. If you compare chanting with any other mental-physical regimen, it is simplest of all and most effective.
  • You don’t need to spend money or time to chant. You can get it anywhere for free and practice it anytime.

What to Chant for Effective Outcome

Almost all ancient cultures have a very strong tradition of practicing chants for different purposes. There are specific chants for all types of situations. But, at the core, the philosophy and mechanism are to achieve the harmony of all senses and have better control over mental functionalities. The best thing about chant is that it could be practiced by anybody to achieve the targeted purpose. In the Buddhist tradition, practitioners chant “Om Mane Padme Hum” mantra to invoke the blessings of compassion. Similarly, in the Hindu tradition, the “Om Gan Ganapataye Namah” is chanted to remove all obstacles. There are hundreds of such mantras that you could practice to achieve perfect mental and physical self. Here are some of the most popular mantras that survived for centuries and still practiced as people find it extremely beneficial:

  • Om Mani Padme Hum

Irrespective of your socio-religious affiliations, you can chant “Om Mani Padme Hum” to have a calming effect. It helps you soothe stressed nerves and heal emotional traumas. The literal meaning of the mantra is “Hail to the jewel in the lotus.” It has no religious connotation as it talks about nature and focuses on the ultimate truth. This mantra is related to the Buddha of Compassion, aka Goddess Kuan Yin in Chinese.

  • Om Namah Shivaya

The most ancient language “Sanskrit” is a powerhouse of enlightenment. One most simple yet most effective mantra from Sanskrit is “Om Namah Shivaya” meaning “I bow to Lord Shiva”. The God Shiva is considered supreme in Hindu culture as he is the ultimate truth. He is the beginning and he is the end. So, practically when you chant this mantra you honor the divinity within self meaning you are in union with nature with all its realities of pain and pleasure.

  • Gayatri Mantra

If you want to be in sync with nature and seek the blessing of the almighty, then you should start chanting the Rig Vedic mantra.

“Oṃ bhur bhuvaḥ suvaḥ, tatsaviturvareṇyaṃ, bhargo devasyadhīmahi, dhiyo yo naḥ prachodayaat.”

This literal meaning is, “We meditate on the glory of that Being who has produced this universe; may He enlighten our minds.” It is believed that chanting of this mantra gives you a great start and strength to fight all kinds of challenges of life.

  • Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

If your goal is to lead a life of harmony in a realistic world, then you should chant “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”. It comes from the Jivamukti Yoga School, which means “May all beings everywhere be happy and free.” When you chant this mantra you bring your thoughts, words, and actions in harmony to make a contribution towards the larges goal of happiness and freedom for all. This mantra boosts your inner self to be more cooperative and compassionate nit just with fellow humans, but all living and non-living things.

  • Healing Buddha Mantra

If you want to have control over reactions to success and failure then chant “Tayata Om Bekanze Bekanze Maha Bekanze Radza Samudgate Soha”. This mantra will help you remove hurdles and sufferings. This mantra is known for its healing properties as it helps one recover quickly.

  • Om Gan Ganapataye Namah

The practitioners of the Hindu religion are chanting this mantra since time immemorial for wisdom and success. The mantra is dedicated to Lord Ganesh. The chanting of “Om Gan Ganapatayei Namah” is believed to have a powerful effect in removing all types of obstacles in life.   Ganesh, the elephant head god, has been given the highest position for his wisdom.

  • Om Shrim Maha Lakshmlyei Swaha

If you are worried about your finances and wealth, then this mantra could be of great help. “Om Shrim Maha Lakshmlyei Swaha” translates into “I worship you the goddess of wealth and prosperity”. It is believed that chanting of this mantra keeps you away from the worries of finance.

  • Om Vasudhare Svaha

Another very auspicious mantra for blessings of wealth and prosperity is “Om Vasudhare Svaha”. This Buddhist money mantra helps you regain the mental balance so that you could work in harmony with nature to get blessings in the form of wealth.

  • Success Mantra

If you are in a state of uncertainty or dilemma, you should chant “Jehi Vidhi Hoi Naath Hit Moraa Karahu So Vegi Daas Main Toraa.” This means you surrender yourself in the foot of lord and seek guidance to do what is best. Practicing this mantra helps you get out of the mental trap and gain confidence in the support of almighty.

  • Manjushri Mantra

If you want to have better control over your skills, you should chant “Om a ra pa ca na dhih”. This mantra is said to help practitioners improve learning skills and gain wisdom. The more you practice the more beneficial it would be.

  • Energy and Mind

If you want to have an amazing flow of eternal energy, then you should start chanting “Om Vajrapani Hum”. This symbolizes the energy of an enlightened mind. Practicing this mantra frees you from the negativity and hatred. The effect comes in the form of an amazing aura and spiritual depth.

  • Peaceful Life

If you are in search of peace and tranquility of mind you should start chanting this mantra.  “Sarveshaam Svaastir Bhavatu, Sarveshaam Svaastir Bhavatu,

Saveshaam Poornam Bhavatu, Sarveshaam Mangalam Bhavatu,

Om Shanti, Shanti Shanteeh”

The literal meaning of the Sanskrit mantra is that I pray for health, peace, abundance, auspiciousness. This is considered highly effective when orated in rhythm.

  • Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

If you are facing difficulties in physical, mental or emotional blockages, you can chant “Om tare tuttare ture soha” to overcome the challenges. It is believed that if you are facing challenges in a relationship, then chanting of this mantra helps in strengthening the bond. This helps you get mental clarity and peace.

Human personality is all about the thought process. Every emotion, word, and action is a reflection of the thought process. The way you think decides your mood, attitude and above all the harmony with nature. Chanting mantra helps you control the thought process, meaning you can build your personality and lead a life as you wish. It is now scientifically established that sound, an electromagnetic vibrations, to affect your neurotic response. Chants create a perfect rhythm to invigorate the right dose of chemicals to boost mental well-being.

The right vibration helps you be in sync with nature. Once you are in sync with nature you get the perfect flow of external and internal energy, which ultimately decides your activities. The conscious effort chanting mantras help you regain subconscious control over mood. You have a vast reservoir of mantras is all religious scriptures; all you need to do is find some mantras with the help of your guru and start practicing it. You will surely have better control over your emotions and ultimately you will head towards self-actualization.

What are the best crystal types to choose when buying a yoni egg?

Yoni egg is a sort of precious Stone carved beautifully in the shape of an egg. It is a crystal stone shaped egg used to be worn inside the vagina of a woman. It is in many different colours and shades. Each colour has its specific characteristics and stimulation. Every colour represents something symbolic and radiates energy to the vaginal walls.

The colours of the yoni eggs can be very broadly classified into two groups such as dark and light colour. The dark ones represent protectiveness and symbolize to absorb all negative energy. On the other hand, light colours represent positive energy and relaxation. Further, there are different sizes of yoni egg present. Categorically there are three types – small, medium and large depending on the size. The most medium one is recommended for beginner users as well as for a longer period.

After the selection of size comes the most important part that is the selection or choosing of the type of yoni egg based on its crystal. In this choice, women have their preferences accordingly to their personality types. Broadly there were only three types of crystals used in basics, namely –Jade, black obsidian and rose quartz. Whereas most preferred amongst the beginners is yoni egg of genuine nephrite jade. It is even said that Jade has its whole lot of endless benefits.

Some more about yoni eggs:

Yoni originally is a Sanskrit word meaning sacred place or vagina of a woman. Here it has symbolic meaning as well. In eastern culture, it is being worshipped in association with its greatness and magical power to bring life, to be productive and a source of providing pleasure. It is called the yoni egg to represent the significance of the magical part that is the genital parts of a woman.

In some of the eastern countries, it was used by the royal heiress and princess only. It is estimated that it is secretly used for the past 5000 years in many parts of the world by a woman. It is even associated with spirituality. Later it was being used even by the commoners. It has its benefits as well. Its use enhances the sexual activity and calms the body, the person feels more orgasmic, brings positive effects, helps in releasing stress and mental trauma. It even reduces the menstrual pain and cramps and increases the blood circulation in the pelvic area.

If you want to know some other way to enhance sexual activities, read this article from Everyday Health.

What are the benefits of the yoni eggs?

There are numerous benefits of yoni eggs. They are not only useful for enhancing the sexual pleasures and one night stands rather they are something that works for spiritual transformation as well. With the help of yoni eggs, your sexual life becomes more passionate and satisfying. They increase the charm of orgasm in your life and bring energy for sexual purposes.  Some of the most important and common benefits are mentioned below:

  • They are useful for enhancing the sensuality and libido in human beings.
  • With the help of yoni eggs, your love life or rather sex life would become more intimate and passionate as well.
  • They help in increasing the natural lubrication at all the ages so that you can have easy sex with your partner.
  • It makes you more sensitive at the time of intercourse.
  • It allows you to become more orgasmic and you can enjoy your intimate times more beautifully.
  • They are helpful in birth recovery and many women use it for faster birth recovery.
  • It can control the vaginal muscles to give your partner more excitement in bed.
  • It enhances your yoga, Tantra and Qigong practice.
  • Some women make use of yoni eggs for the reduction of menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms at the time of their menstrual cycle.
  • All in all the yoni eggs are also useful for improving overall well beings and health.
  • They also work as a remedy for urinary incontinence.

Which is the best crystal of the yoni eggs to start with for the beginners or the new users?

To start with the beginners should opt for Jade as it has a lot of healing capacities and tremendous energy. It is therefore recommended that the new users should make use of a stone or crystal so to say that is comfortable when they are worn inside the female body. One should be very precise and careful while choosing the stones as they are worn for longer durations so they should be good enough to have no bad effects on the body.  Jade is a very pretty and pricy stone that can be used but the price is justified when their benefits are counted.

Rose Quartz and Amethyst are also the good varieties of the yoni eggs but for the beginners or the new users, Jade is highly and most commonly recommended to wear. These days due to stress and tensions the general life is very badly affected so the sexual life is also hampered a lot. Yoni stones are useful in providing some kind of recovery from all these problems.

What are the best and most famous kinds of yoni eggs?

There are various kinds of yoni eggs available in the markets. Some of the best and popular yoni eggs are discussed below:


  • Jade is a tough or hard kind of stone in other words. It means there are fewer chances of its breakage even if it falls while wearing.

Sometimes when you are a new user of the yoni eggs then also there are chances that they may fall so if the crystal will not be good enough to resist the drop then it will break. Jade is very hard to break easily as compared to other crystals.

  • They have a good amount of thermal conductivity that allows warmth in your body naturally.
  • They can control the negative energy from outside and are powerful and gentle at the same time.
  • It is believed that they connect the heart Chakra and anahata Chakra to swadistana Chakra.
  • They maintain the amount of body fluid and thus are helpful in the entire sexual pleasures. They do not have any bad effect on kidneys and the female reproductive parts due to the proper balance of water level.
  • They are calming, protective and grounding stones that are associated with the well being of the person as well. It provides women with a deeper connection with their bodies and their sexualities or sexual needs.

Rose Quartz:

  • Rose Quarts are said to be one of the most powerful yoni eggs.
  • The colour of this yoni egg is somewhat like a pale rose crystal.
  • They are commonly known as the love stone.
  • They respond very strongly to the Heart Chakra and Anahata Chakra.
  • Rose Quartz rejuvenates the energy of lovemaking.
  • It also allows the elimination and dissolution of restrictions, barriers, and blockages from the paths of the lovemaking or intimate processes.
  • Rose Quartz exemplifies heart-opening and self-love.
  • This crystal is recommended to women who want their generosity to be associated with their lovemaking or rather sexual sides.


  • This variety of yoni eggs is recommended to women who have the desire to enhance their pervasive feminine capabilities and strengths.
  • They are also known as ‘All healing stone’ or ‘Natural Tranquilizer’ in common terms.
  • They eliminate the presence of negative energies from the earth and even counteract them widely.
  • They are good for the management of short temperaments and anger.
  • They are useful in providing spiritual insights into the human body or the female body to be more precise.
  • They allow the brain to gain that much power and strength that it needs to get independence from addictive personalities.
  • They are capable of fighting with insomnia if they are worn at the night.
  • They can stimulate dreams to provide its users with pleasant dreams.
  • Amethyst is considered as St. Valentine’s stone by many of the experts, who happens to be the saint of the faithful, loyal and dedicated lovers. Therefore it is believed that this yoni egg is used to make good relationships with your partners.
  • It helps in establishing a deep relationship with meaningful emotions.
  • It allows soulful communication and a spiritual connection with your partners.

So, basically the yoni eggs are used for sexual pleasure. Further, it has a symbolic meaning of representation or acknowledgment of appreciation of the genital part for its importance. Most importantly one should always consider the usage of yoni egg with much care. Before use, it should be properly be made ready for use. Also one should prepare its usage keeping the fact in mind that it is not always very safe to use as it has various types. Moreover, we can say that it represents the female stand and importance in a relationship. Therefore it is advised that one should buy the yoni egg according to their bodily preferences and sexual wants.

Is it possible that your lover affects your energy while you are having sex?

Sex is one of the pieces of evidence of romanticism and intimacy. It is a good time spent between lovers. However, the perspective changes from person to person. You can get involved in this physical act only when are close to that person mentally. The bond that you share with the person would encourage you to get want for that person. And surely the physical intimacy among two people enhances the love within them. You yearn more to just be with them for a longer period.

The second phase of love is compassionate love. The feel-good tickles that you get in the starting stages of your relationship gradually fades. Over the period, you would want something more to happen to keep up the spark. When the lovemaking episode happens, it brings the two people even close in terms of trust and love. The connecting hormones make faithful to your partner. As per biology, it is said that your body will find ways to keep you connected to that person even when things seem falling apart at times.

What impact does sex bring on your relationship?

There are various things in a relationship that keeps it going. Sex or physical intimacy is one of the important ones. Let’s find out how.

  • Builds trust– After having sex with your partner, you feel more connected to each other. It’s like you do not have anything to hide. Now you are open to each other in terms of the body, your thoughts, your sex appeal, etc. You have a better grip over each other’s minds. You find ways to fulfill each other’s wishes and keep them happy. The sense of possessing each other also grows. And along with it grows the trust factor. When you feel emotionally and physically attached to someone you do not want to backstab or leave that person. And the other person also feels the same for you. You start relying on each other and your relationship becomes an unbreakable one.
  • You want to explore more of it– When you taste food that appeals to your taste bud, you want to have more of it. The same goes for sex. When you have it with your partner and you both are compatible with each other, you wish to explore more. Making love with your partner is one of the beautiful and relaxing things that you do. And when you want to explore more, you need each other in your life. Lovemaking episodes not only bind you emotionally, but also bring in positivity in your relationship. You crave to be with each other till eternity.
  • Feeling of made for each other – If you feel sexually attuned to each other, it motivates you to stay in the relationship for long. When you are sexually happy and satisfied with each other, you do not look out for other options. Getting attracted to the same person for their appearance and sex appeal is something very rare, yet beautiful. You feel, you are made for each other from heaven. You enjoy each other’s company more than anything else. And that helps you feel that you both make a great couple together. Everyone is in search of happiness. And when you find happiness with someone else, you know that they are the ones created for you.
  • You tune in well– You cannot tune well with everyone. With some, you can enjoy a dinner, while with some you can enjoy a long drive and with some, you can go for a movie or relax. When you can perform everything with one person that is the highest point of companionship. Sex is a physical activity that relaxes your mind and soothes your stressing nerves. Along with the other activities, if you enjoy doing sex with your partner, then you are the best company for each other. You get along doing things that make both of you happy and in return, you become tied to each other. And you do not require anyone else in your life.
  • Want of to be together for a lifetime – Not every relationship works. You have to make them work sometimes with your extra effect. However, it’s proven that partners who have a satisfying sex life tend to stay together forever in spite of a few tensions that sometimes arise in their life. It is said that our body finds a reason to be together with each other. And that factor keeps the relationship going. When you make love to each other, you don’t want to betray that person. They become an important part of your life. The guys feel a sense of responsibility after getting physically intimate. And the girl gets intimate only when they are sure of the relationship. So both of them feel a strong bond.

How does your energy level get positively affected by sex?

In this part of the article, we are going to discuss how sex can drive your energy levels up and down as well.

Below are the reasons for high energy levels due to sex and their outcomes:

  • You want more of your partner –Your body releases dopamine hormones when you have sex. And these hormones make you lovesick which means you lack appetite and face insomnia. Although people like these feelings as they feel internally happy even when they are not able to eat or sleep properly. And this is what makes the partners crave for each other more. You tend to get addicted to your partner and when you are with them sharing hugs and kisses, you are on cloud nine.
  • Empathize with your partner –When a couple is deeply bonded for life, they can relate to each other’s pain. There is a lot of empathy in their relationship with each other. This means that they feel the physical pain that their partner is going through and try to rescue them. It may sound illogical, but this has been proved by science as well. Researchers say that we empathize when our brain runs a virtual simulation of the other person’s experience. And that is how we understand the exact feeling of the other person.
  • Share the same emotional mood– Social Psychology says that couples who are in a healthy relationship, share the same level of stress hormone. That implies that both the person feels happy and sad together. Studies say that a couple’s hormones can be in sync with each other. When one feels bad or stressed out, the other person is likely to feel it. No one wants to see their loved one in a bad mood, so just to make the partner cheerful; you also change your mood. And you both feel good and positive.
  • Tend to kiss your partner more– Through a kiss; you subconsciously assess your potential partner. You do it by testing the biological compatibility cues. It is said that people who kiss a lot are found to have higher levels of oxytocin. Their satisfaction level is also high in the relationship. When you are satisfied with each other to spend time more and get cozy with all the touches and hugs. This sparks up the relationship even more.
  • You don’t like anybody else’s company – The gush of feel-good chemicals that runs inside you for your partner cannot be for anyone else. You feel passionate to be with your partner always and do things with them only. It has been found that the oxytocin hormone also helps men to stay monogamous. They do not feel the love and bond for any other female in their life. Sex binds your love so firmly that you find bliss with your partner and no one else appeals to you.

Adverse effects of sex on your energy levels

  • Energy loss of mind and body –Sex is a physical activity and is a form of exercise. It takes away most of your energy. It also tires your mind because a lot of it starts in your head. The attraction, sense of intimacy and awareness gets built up in your brain. And post-sex your body and mind both feel the lack of energy. You feel lifeless and want to rest for a while.
  • Late-night sex is most exhaustive– It is found that if you get into sex play after midnight, you tend to wake up feeling lethargic. That is primarily because you get less resting time. Your body needs at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and when you don’t get it, you feel drained out. Early morning sex doesn’t tire you much comparatively.
  • Being too good on the bed can be tiring – There are situations when both the partners are good at bed. They tend to make more sex now and then as they feel irresistible. This can be tiring for both the partners. Certain intervals are also required for your body to rest and do it again.

The article will give you a complete insight of your varying energy levels while having sex. You shouldn’t be hard on yourself and let it happen to the extent which suffices both the partners.

How to be more positive in the middle of a stressful situation?

We humans live life in between certainty and uncertainty. The relative perception of contextual certainty and uncertainty is the main reason behind our mental stress. Whole life, we strive to move from one end of uncertainty to the other elusive end certainty. This struggle to reach from one end to the other creates several such situations that put one in stressful condition and this results in several stress-related mental health issues.

We are conditioned to react defensively when in stress. It is a kind of mental conditioning that helps one protect the mind and body. It is natural and happens subconsciously. The question is why some people manage to cope with stress well while others succumb to stress. What helps one be a better stress-fighter? The majority of psychological and neuroscience studies suggest that people with a positive attitude are better stress fighter as compared to people with a negative attitude. So, how to remain positive in stressful conditions? Let us understand the stress first so that we could find ways to cope with it.

What is Stress?

Stress is simply the brain’s response to any demand, this is the official definition given by The National Institute of Mental Health. It isn’t all bad, but intensity, duration, and other factors make it bad. Technically speaking stress has two elements one is the psychological perception of pressure and the other is the response of the body, which involves memory, metabolism and of course muscles.

Based on the perception of threat triggered from memory, the amygdala – the emotion control center of the brain—sends a distress signal to the hypothalamus which results in a “fight-or-flight” response decision. Common physical changes could be high heart rate, high alertness, and an adrenaline rush. In the end, a hormone called cortisol is released which helps restore the energy lost in a stress response.

Here are some reasons why adrenaline can be a very good thing as listed in this Mental Floss article.

It is normal body functionality and it is good for the safety of the body. The problem arises when these arousals are frequent and sustain for longer than normal. This could lead to several mental and physical issues like heart disease, blood-sugar imbalance, anxiety, depression, and many more. So, stress control is all about how quick you can bring the response hormone back to the normal level. You can do this by increasing the release of feel-good hormone i.e. endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. Positivity is the key here as your positivity prepares you to maintain an optimum balance of feel-good hormone.

Ways to Remain Positive in Stressful Condition

All studies focused on stress management have a common element and that is to engage in activities that blunt the stress response as quickly as possible. The list of activities could vary depending on the persons’ preferences, but this could be as simple as “deep breathing” or as complicated as life-long medication. Since every response is linked with the perception of a particular thing or situation, the best remedy is to change the perception.

There are several day-to-day things that you can practice that helps in managing stress better and you could remain positive to face it boldly. The trick is in changing the perspective towards a panic situation. You can either let panic grip your mind and body or you can choose to see a particular situation in perspective and be positive. Here are some of the things you could do to remain positive:

  • Eliminate Victimhood First

It is natural to don the hat of a victim during a stressful situation as this somehow gratifies you lack the confidence to take responsibilities. But this isn’t helpful at all as you fall in the trap of repetitive response resulting in a higher intensity of stress in the next round of events. It is simply a looking away with full knowledge of the fact that you are in mid of some crisis. Once you throw that hat of victimhood, your mind will fill with positivity to face the challenge and be victorious.

  • Strengthen Mental Processing Through Meditation

As said, it is all about perception when it comes to the stress response. The effectiveness of your thinking process depends on the broadness in the analysis of the particular situation. You can build this strength of broader thinking thorough regular meditation. You have to learn to see the crisis from a different perspective by questioning all possible aspects of the response outcome. Be open towards accepting reality as rigidity is the biggest stress builder. Meditation helps you visualize things in neutrality, so you could build a different perspective and cope with stress with more positivity. Start practicing meditation as your socio-religious or faith permits. It is all about silencing the mind, so the medium isn’t relevant.

  • Stay Focused on Positives

Once you have a proper understanding of the situation, you have to see it in context and look for relatively positive ways. It is not about that one tough question in the examination hall, but five other easy questions that could help you fetch better marks. It is all about visualizing light at the end of the tunnel. Your orientation towards positive aspects could help you find better solutions as positivity triggers your mental capacity to analyze better. In crisis, people do panic, but your focus on positive aspects could help others to come out of crisis smoothly. Your positivity helps you to become more attentive and alert, making you more responsive to deal with any situation.

  • Thanking Words

Your change in perspective helps you accept the reality and plan forward. Once you are mentally prepared to move forward, never forget to say thanks to everyone involved. It works like a wonder to heal wounds and build a positive atmosphere. It isn’t an easy task especially in challenging situations, but it helps. I tried my best so far, let me try harder now. This is what makes you great. Acceptance is the key to positivity.

  • Association Matters

If the crisis in broader with a large number of victims, like the financial crisis, you could come forward and show camaraderie. This sense of association relives the pain and prepares people to recover quickly from stress. It is a strange mental phenomenon when we see people in the same pain our pain subsides. Don’t sit idle be proactive in whatever way you could be. So, strong bondage and help others so that they could find ways to come out of the stress.

  • Sleep Tight

In stressful conditions, the first thing that is compromised most is normal sleep. It is natural to have lees sleep in stress, but find a mechanism to get enough sleep to keep your brain in good health. The proper functioning of the brain requires optimum sleep. You need mental energy to cope up with the situation. If you want to remain positive in a stressful situation you have to sleep tight.

If you don’t know what a healthy sleep is, read this article from Sleep Foundation.

  • Information Consumption

Your mental functionality depends on your memory and information triggers. You have to control the information consumption by choosing the right communication channels so that you get the right kind of information. The best strategy is to stay away from the bombardments of bad news. Consume information that keeps you in a good mood, like your favorite music.

  • Join the League

While in the middle of some stressful situations, people tend to prefer isolation. We normally try to close our mental and physical boundaries. But this isn’t a good strategy to cope with stress. You need to be open-minded and join people who are in a similar situation. This helps you understand the situation from a different perspective and build a strategy to face the situation in a better manner.

  • Nature Heals Better

It has been proven through research that people recover quickly from stress-induced mental health issues when in the company of nature. Going to your nearest park or beach or lakeside and spending time there could help you calm your nerves. Nature is the best guide if you build the skill to observe it neutrally.

  • Hobbies Help

If you are passionate about anything then this is the best way to stay positive in a stressful situation. The mental escape helps you regain the mental balance. Spending time in hobby works like an effective mediation as you remain focused on a particular task which you enjoy doing. Studies suggest that when engaged in hobbies the release of feel-good hormones increases resulting in better control over stress.

  • Stay Away from Drugs and Alcohol

It is very normal to find temporary escape using depressants like alcohol or drugs. But these backfires in the long run as you build habit and your resistance level increases. The higher the intensity of stress, the higher the dose you may need. This ultimately pushes you to cyclical anxiety and several physical ailments.

  • Exercise

You need a healthy mind to deal with stress and a healthy mind stays only in a healthy body. It is good to have a strict exercise regimen as it keeps maintain better metabolism. If you are fit you could feel confident to face any stressful situation as you are in better control of your metabolic activities. You won’t panic if your heart rate goes higher.

Life is full of uncertainties and we try our best to find a pattern of certainty to live life in a better manner. Every moment teaches us something new, particularly stressful moments that give you a new dimension. It is better to re-evaluate the meaning of your life and prepare to face it with positivity. Your positive approach will take you to new heights. Stay positive!