Can meditation help in sexual performance?

Meditation is a complete specified process in which the brain goes under relaxation mode. It is nowadays generally taken in some other ways. Things like daydreaming, introspection, sitting quietly and focusing on something or deeply thinking about some topic are associated with meditations. But meditation is none of these activities. It is rather a way of resting of mind with great consciousness.

Meditation is often confused with other activities and is even related to certain religious practices, but it is not related to religion and is considered a pure science. As per the elements of science, it is has a specific organized technique, a stable and applicable process with definite and predictable results. It teaches you to be systematized and calms the mind.

Meditation is a kind of vacation or breaks for the brain which brings happiness and joy to rejuvenate it. It even inspires the brain to be practical and impartial towards the world and think positively. It keeps the brain focused and helps to avoid distractions. Further, it connects oneself from his or her inner self or soul. It provides the brain capacity or power to explore his/ her thoughts. So it is a worldwide necessity.

By today’s world scenario it is of great importance and value, as it is the only and the best solution prevalent for the contemporary modern problems of the world at large. It is because of the present lifestyle of people and the stressful life they are dragged into. Most of the population is facing mental illness and trauma.

What are some of the general benefits of meditation?

Meditation has many benefits and it helps human beings in numerous ways. Some of the most common benefits of mediation are listed below:

  • Meditation helps in stress reduction in human beings. Due to the complex lifestyle in this competitive world, we human beings are generally stressed due to heavy workload. Meditation is the simplest way to come out of stressful situations and live peacefully.
  • It also reduces your anxiety and makes you happier. In other words, it helps you to be safe from depression.
  • Many bodily diseases occur due to stress and anxiety. However, if you meditate regularly then you can overcome your stress and live peacefully. This will also prevent all the body problems that are caused due to stress and anxiety.
  • By practicing regular meditation you can live a longer life. In other words, mediation provides longevity.
  • Meditation helps you to balance your sleeping habits. If your sleep pattern is regulated then you are free to form a lot of diseases and mental stress. Related: Know these healthy sleeping habits from Sleep Education.
  • Mediation allows you to discover your inner self in a better way and thus you know yourself more deeply and spiritually.
  • Mediation helps live tension and stress-free life by improving concentration and building confidence in your life so that you can fight against any problems in life.
  • Mediation provides positivity in your life. Positivity or positive vibes help you to think positively thus in the time of crisis also you stay positive and calm.

Is meditation helpful in having a good sex life?

As stated above, mediation has many benefits and advantages to human life. Good sexual performance comes under the list of benefits of meditation. In other words, increased or good sexual performance is one of the key benefits of meditation. So it can be said that yes, sexual performance can be enhanced by practicing regular meditation.

At times due to stress and excess anxiety, the sexual life of human beings is hampered very badly. They can not even overcome their stress in bed. As a result of which they end up having a bad or dissatisfactory sexual life. Mediation can be of great help to overcome this problem. It helps human beings in several ways by which they can calm themselves and so can enhance their sexual performance.

We see that in today’s world people are frustrated with their busy corporate working world. This is even affecting the sex life of people. Meditation can be helpful in these grounds also as meditation can release stress and calms the mind. It even lowers blood pressure. Later the process of breathing circulates more of oxygen in the blood which in returns the captivity of the mind and body. So it helps in increasing the desire and presence of the body during sexual activity.

It helps the person be positive and energetic towards sex. It further adds empathy and softness in the attitudes of people while being sexually active. It helps in feeling the feeling of respect towards the partner. It works in making one is connected to his or her partner, be in touch and be more alive at the moment which is quite important while sex.

What are some of the meditating techniques?

There are several ways in which you can meditate. Mediation can be started from a simple exercise of deep breathing only. Some of the basic steps for mediating in a short period are as follows:

  • At first, you need to sit in a relaxing and comfortable posture. This means that your back should be straight.
  • Put one of your hands on your stomach and another on your chest.
  • Take long breaths however the hands-on your chest should not move fast but the hand on your stomach should rise above. This means that you intake a lot of air inside.
  • In the next step, you need to release the air slowly. You can repeat this small exercise for several minutes to get better effects.

You can also relax your muscles to get better results. Like for example, you can relax your feet muscle in some easy steps mentioned below:

  •    Sit comfortably with the back straight
  •    Take deep breaths
  •    Squeeze your foot tightly for some time and then release
  •    Repeat the same process with another foot to get better results

This muscle exercise can be practiced with hands, back, neck, etc in different ways. Similarly, meditation can be done in many other ways also.

How can meditation help in enhancing sexual performances in human beings?

Meditation can help human beings to increase or enhance the sexual performance in many ways. Some of the important ways are listed below:

  • As it is already stated above that meditation reduces stress and so it has many benefits. Reduced stress level is also good for better sexual performance. In other words, if you are free from stress then you will enjoy orgasm to a great extent. It is generally observed among the females that due to stress cortisol level increases in their bodies. As a result of which their ability to enjoy or do orgasm simply decreases. So if you start to practice meditation then your sexual capacity to do orgasm gets enhanced and you also enjoy sexual activities more.
  • If you are stress-free then you will also be free from anxiety and thus depression. This means that you will be more energetic, enthusiastic and positive in your life. It is proven that practicing meditation regularly provides deep healing and deep rest to our bodies. Meditation is therefore good for our bodies as it saves a lot of positive energy in the body that can be utilised in sexual activities. In other words, the sexual performance of a person will be increased if he or she is more energetic and relaxed.
  • The concentration that human beings achieve by doing meditation regularly is not only helpful in general life and studies. Rather it also helps in enhancing the sexual performance of the person. The more you will be concentrated the better you can be in bed. As your attention will be on your partner and your brain will not be distracted due to some other tension and stress.
  • In many of the people, the sexual drive gets suppressed due to the stress and problems of their life. If they meditate regularly then they get relief from the stress and tensions in their lives. This also is helpful for their sex life, as a stress-free mind works better in bed also. Like in general, life stress takes away all the fun and interest from day to day life activities, similarly in sexual life stress kills the sexual desire at times. Meditation revives the sexual drive and emotion of sex that helps in improving and increasing the sexual drive in human beings.

It is generally observed that meditation and sex are taken to be very discreet from each other; it is so as one requires a sort of external inactiveness while the latter involves much of activity. But the mental requirements for sex are hugely important for keeping the spark alive and maintaining the passion. One’s enjoyment depends much on their attitude towards the activity. To make it positive, passionate, sympathetic, energetic, respective and alive meditation can be beneficial.