Top 6 Bunny Tail Plugs for Your Rabbit Play

Bunny tail plugs are the cutest of all animal tail plugs out there. Does your partner remind you of a playful bunny? Do you often wonder about indulging with a sexy rabbit play with her? Well, that’s cool- but you would need proper props for that to create a more realistic feel. This is where bunny tail plugs is just the thing you would want.

Interestingly bunny tail plugs are different from that of other animal tail butt plugs. With other animal tails, you will generally find a long or bushy tail. But, with rabbit tails, you get a small shrubby cute tail- just like that of a real rabbit. Just imagine you come back from work only to find your girl on all fours with the little rabbit tail peeping out between her sexy butt cheeks! The very thought of it is sure to turn you on.

The good thing is you will find the bunny tail plugs in a wide variety of materials and colors today. In regards to materials, you have them in silicone, glass, metal or stainless steel. When it comes to colors, well, there are bunny tail plugs with natural colored tails- like fawn, brown or white. Besides, you will even find these tails in bold uncommon shades such as blue, pink, red and so on.

You must be curious to try out rabbit tail butt plugs by now. The good thing is the post below offers a brief on the best rabbit tail plugs you may try out this time.

Faux Bunny Tail Silicone Plug

If white is your color, then this would be the perfect bunny tail plug for you. The very visual of tufts of white fur wiggling in between soft butt cheeks is instantly arousing. You two are sure to have a gala night ahead with this white bunny faux fur plug. As the tail is made of faux fur, you can be assured no question of animal cruelty  here. In fact, if you are a vegan and looking for a vegan animal tail plug, this will be the toy for you.

The plug is made from silicone and assures a very comfortable and smooth entry. Its insertable length is 2.5” which makes it suitable for intermediate or beginner level users.

Neon bunny butt plug silicone

If you are fond of bold colors, this neon pink shade is sure to impress you. The dark fuchsia shade is visually stimulating and you will get a solid boner to see the pink fluffiness wiggling before you. The plug body is made from silicone. It comes with tapered end which assures a very comfy and frictionless entry into the anus. Thanks to the flared base, you can be guaranteed of no risks of over-insertion. It’s a unisex toy and hence can be used by both the partners.

Stainless steel white bunny tail plug

The white fluffy tail speaks of plush sensuous nights just like a boss. It’s classy, luxe and amazingly sexy. You will love to touch and play with it. In regards to the plug body, it is made from stainless steel. The material is body-safe and assures a solid fullness at the backdoor. If you are looking for something real hard for powerful stimulation, this is the plug for you. However, if you are a beginner, it’s better to use it once your body is fairly accustomed to using butt plugs.

Spiral bunny tail plug

Are you bored of regular tear-drop shaped butt plugs and looking for something new and different this time? Well, in that case, this spiral stainless steel butt plug is sure to make your nights even hotter. The rounded borders all across the plug body will create a unique sensation inside your anus and indulge you in a mind-blowing orgasm. Put simply, you will experience something new this time and savor every bit of it. You will get the plug in wide range of colors, such as pink, green, purple, black, white etc.

Pink Crystal Rabbit Tail Butt Plug

You have an award-winning rabbit tail butt plug here which is all set to rock your world. This glass rabbit tail butt plug is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s elegant, gorgeous and speaks of an invigorating orgasm that you would love to enjoy time and again. You will adore the baby pink poof which promises evergreen nights filled with lots of laughter, fun, steamy action and certainly bouts of orgasm.

The tail is crafted by leading adult toy manufacturer Crystal Delights. It’s made of “refused” animal parts and you can be sure of no issue of animal cruelty here.

The good thing is, the plug comes in 3 bulb sizes- medium, small and large. This way, you can choose  a one as per your experience level and comfort. In regards to the glass body, don’t worry, it won’t break easily. The plug is made from borosilicate glass which makes it real hardy.

Kawaii Bunny tail plug with ears

The plug comes in a pretty pink shade which is sure to impress you. The plug body is made of stainless steel and you can expect a solid fullness and enhanced stimulation here. But the tail plug doesn’t come along. It has also brought cute pink bunny ears that would complete the bunny-play look.

There are more to this list, and you can view them at loveplugs. They have an impressive collection, and there is always something for you.

Final words

Have you ever used a butt plug before? Well, if not, then, always choose a rabbit tail plug with silicone body. Silicone is soft and comfortable which assures a frictionless entry inside the anus. If your body is not used to butt plugs, a tough metal or glass butt plug would be too hard for it. You would first need to season your body to accept butt plugs. Thus, silicone rabbit tail plugs would be the safest choice here. As your body gradually gets accustomed to butt plugs, you can try out metal or glass rabbit butt plugs.

Also, make sure to use generous amount of lube every time you use a butt plug. Make sure to apply the lube both on the plug and your anal door. Clean your toy regularly and brush often to maintain the volume of the tail.