What are the best crystal types to choose when buying a yoni egg?

Yoni egg is a sort of precious Stone carved beautifully in the shape of an egg. It is a crystal stone shaped egg used to be worn inside the vagina of a woman. It is in many different colours and shades. Each colour has its specific characteristics and stimulation. Every colour represents something symbolic and radiates energy to the vaginal walls.

The colours of the yoni eggs can be very broadly classified into two groups such as dark and light colour. The dark ones represent protectiveness and symbolize to absorb all negative energy. On the other hand, light colours represent positive energy and relaxation. Further, there are different sizes of yoni egg present. Categorically there are three types – small, medium and large depending on the size. The most medium one is recommended for beginner users as well as for a longer period.

After the selection of size comes the most important part that is the selection or choosing of the type of yoni egg based on its crystal. In this choice, women have their preferences accordingly to their personality types. Broadly there were only three types of crystals used in basics, namely –Jade, black obsidian and rose quartz. Whereas most preferred amongst the beginners is yoni egg of genuine nephrite jade. It is even said that Jade has its whole lot of endless benefits.

Some more about yoni eggs:

Yoni originally is a Sanskrit word meaning sacred place or vagina of a woman. Here it has symbolic meaning as well. In eastern culture, it is being worshipped in association with its greatness and magical power to bring life, to be productive and a source of providing pleasure. It is called the yoni egg to represent the significance of the magical part that is the genital parts of a woman.

In some of the eastern countries, it was used by the royal heiress and princess only. It is estimated that it is secretly used for the past 5000 years in many parts of the world by a woman. It is even associated with spirituality. Later it was being used even by the commoners. It has its benefits as well. Its use enhances the sexual activity and calms the body, the person feels more orgasmic, brings positive effects, helps in releasing stress and mental trauma. It even reduces the menstrual pain and cramps and increases the blood circulation in the pelvic area.

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What are the benefits of the yoni eggs?

There are numerous benefits of yoni eggs. They are not only useful for enhancing the sexual pleasures and one night stands rather they are something that works for spiritual transformation as well. With the help of yoni eggs, your sexual life becomes more passionate and satisfying. They increase the charm of orgasm in your life and bring energy for sexual purposes.  Some of the most important and common benefits are mentioned below:

  • They are useful for enhancing the sensuality and libido in human beings.
  • With the help of yoni eggs, your love life or rather sex life would become more intimate and passionate as well.
  • They help in increasing the natural lubrication at all the ages so that you can have easy sex with your partner.
  • It makes you more sensitive at the time of intercourse.
  • It allows you to become more orgasmic and you can enjoy your intimate times more beautifully.
  • They are helpful in birth recovery and many women use it for faster birth recovery.
  • It can control the vaginal muscles to give your partner more excitement in bed.
  • It enhances your yoga, Tantra and Qigong practice.
  • Some women make use of yoni eggs for the reduction of menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms at the time of their menstrual cycle.
  • All in all the yoni eggs are also useful for improving overall well beings and health.
  • They also work as a remedy for urinary incontinence.

Which is the best crystal of the yoni eggs to start with for the beginners or the new users?

To start with the beginners should opt for Jade as it has a lot of healing capacities and tremendous energy. It is therefore recommended that the new users should make use of a stone or crystal so to say that is comfortable when they are worn inside the female body. One should be very precise and careful while choosing the stones as they are worn for longer durations so they should be good enough to have no bad effects on the body.  Jade is a very pretty and pricy stone that can be used but the price is justified when their benefits are counted.

Rose Quartz and Amethyst are also the good varieties of the yoni eggs but for the beginners or the new users, Jade is highly and most commonly recommended to wear. These days due to stress and tensions the general life is very badly affected so the sexual life is also hampered a lot. Yoni stones are useful in providing some kind of recovery from all these problems.

What are the best and most famous kinds of yoni eggs?

There are various kinds of yoni eggs available in the markets. Some of the best and popular yoni eggs are discussed below:


  • Jade is a tough or hard kind of stone in other words. It means there are fewer chances of its breakage even if it falls while wearing.

Sometimes when you are a new user of the yoni eggs then also there are chances that they may fall so if the crystal will not be good enough to resist the drop then it will break. Jade is very hard to break easily as compared to other crystals.

  • They have a good amount of thermal conductivity that allows warmth in your body naturally.
  • They can control the negative energy from outside and are powerful and gentle at the same time.
  • It is believed that they connect the heart Chakra and anahata Chakra to swadistana Chakra.
  • They maintain the amount of body fluid and thus are helpful in the entire sexual pleasures. They do not have any bad effect on kidneys and the female reproductive parts due to the proper balance of water level.
  • They are calming, protective and grounding stones that are associated with the well being of the person as well. It provides women with a deeper connection with their bodies and their sexualities or sexual needs.

Rose Quartz:

  • Rose Quarts are said to be one of the most powerful yoni eggs.
  • The colour of this yoni egg is somewhat like a pale rose crystal.
  • They are commonly known as the love stone.
  • They respond very strongly to the Heart Chakra and Anahata Chakra.
  • Rose Quartz rejuvenates the energy of lovemaking.
  • It also allows the elimination and dissolution of restrictions, barriers, and blockages from the paths of the lovemaking or intimate processes.
  • Rose Quartz exemplifies heart-opening and self-love.
  • This crystal is recommended to women who want their generosity to be associated with their lovemaking or rather sexual sides.


  • This variety of yoni eggs is recommended to women who have the desire to enhance their pervasive feminine capabilities and strengths.
  • They are also known as ‘All healing stone’ or ‘Natural Tranquilizer’ in common terms.
  • They eliminate the presence of negative energies from the earth and even counteract them widely.
  • They are good for the management of short temperaments and anger.
  • They are useful in providing spiritual insights into the human body or the female body to be more precise.
  • They allow the brain to gain that much power and strength that it needs to get independence from addictive personalities.
  • They are capable of fighting with insomnia if they are worn at the night.
  • They can stimulate dreams to provide its users with pleasant dreams.
  • Amethyst is considered as St. Valentine’s stone by many of the experts, who happens to be the saint of the faithful, loyal and dedicated lovers. Therefore it is believed that this yoni egg is used to make good relationships with your partners.
  • It helps in establishing a deep relationship with meaningful emotions.
  • It allows soulful communication and a spiritual connection with your partners.

So, basically the yoni eggs are used for sexual pleasure. Further, it has a symbolic meaning of representation or acknowledgment of appreciation of the genital part for its importance. Most importantly one should always consider the usage of yoni egg with much care. Before use, it should be properly be made ready for use. Also one should prepare its usage keeping the fact in mind that it is not always very safe to use as it has various types. Moreover, we can say that it represents the female stand and importance in a relationship. Therefore it is advised that one should buy the yoni egg according to their bodily preferences and sexual wants.