Four neck corset facts that will convince you to use them

Have you ever heard of neck corsets? Is this something you would be interested in wearing? Here are the most important facts about neck corsets, how to wear them, and what they have to offer. 

It is common among the kinksters community

What might surprise many people is that neck corsets are quite common. Of course, there are a few subcultures that prefer wearing them, and there is a high chance you won’t find them as soon as you step outside. 

These accessories are a perfect choice for BDSM and goth culture. And the only difference between the two (if there is any) is in design. A neck corset for BDSM will often have rings that can be used in bondage, while goth collars have intricate designs. 

Both can look amazing, and there are no rules. No one is saying that you won’t see a goth person with a ringed collar. The only thing that matters is that they look wonderful and that these collars can complement their style. It is an important part of fashion, and it has many other purposes. 

BDSM: Breath play

When it comes to BDSM, both men and women love wearing neck corsets as a way to spice things up and make their sessions exciting. A typical example is breath play. If you are unaware of it, breath play is a kinky practice that involves restricting oxygen during sex or erotic play — in short, asphyxiation. The idea behind it is to intensify orgasms or to improve sexual experience. And corsets for the neck can be more than helpful. Now, the most important aspect of breath play is trust. 

A couple will have to fully trust each other if they want to practice it since it can be dangerous. Things can easily get out of control and have serious consequences. If you plan on using neck corsets for breath play, be sure to know all about these accessories. Restricting oxygen is often simple, but you need to know how to remove it if necessary. 

Neck corsets support neck movement

Neck corsets are not designed to restrict movement. Yes, there are models created for this very purpose, but they are called posture collars. These collars are made of a rigid material, and the idea behind them is to prevent the wearer from moving. 

Corsets, on the other hand, can improve one’s posture, but they support neck movement. They add a sense of style and high fashion, which is one of the primary reasons why it is popular in the goth community. 

If you have ever seen a goth person, you know that they care a lot about their appearances. Every piece of clothing or accessory they wear is spotless and perfectly matched together. And having a corset on your neck that prevents injuries and makes you feel comfortable is always a good thing.

Neck corsets have variations

With the popularity of neck corsets, the options are nearly limitless. To an untrained eye, many of these models might look similar, but there are many differences between them. And it is up to an individual to pick a model they will enjoy wearing. 

As we mentioned, some models have rings you can use in bondage (or to attach a leash), you can find ones with a gag ball, and even models that fully cover the wearer’s mouth. It all comes down to what you are trying to achieve. 

Do you need something that will go well with your dress? Or are you looking for a corset that will make your erotic play even kinkier? As long as you know what you are trying to find, you won’t have any problems. 

Our guidelines

Today, finding a neck corset is quite simple. You can always visit your local sex shop (or a goth store) and see what they have to offer. But even if the choices are non-existent, you can always check online. Many companies offer delivery regardless of the location, so you will undoubtedly find a model you will enjoy. 

As with any other accessory or piece of clothing, it might take you a while to get used to it, especially if you have never worn anything similar. Our recommendation is to always go slow. Start with a material that will feel comfortable and pleasant on your skin like the one we have at LAIDtex.

Latex is always a good option since it is skin-tight, and wearing it feels incredible. Once you get used to the feeling of having a neck corset, you can experiment further with different types and models.