DDLG: A good daddy dom makes a good little girl

It’s not every day that we try to tackle the subject as controversial as age play. However, today is. Lucky you, right? 

So have you ever wondered what age play is? Are you curious about DD/LG relationships? Don’t worry! We have your back! We’re here to explain everything.

Let’s start with some misconceptions. The kink community prides itself on being open-minded and embracing all consensual role-play. Yet, somehow even within such a community, age play or, more specifically, DD/LG role-play is often misunderstood. 

What is DD/LG and what does it stand for?

Just like any other kink, age play is multifaceted. One of the most common role-play scenarios here is the DD/LG one. This acronym stands for “Daddy Dom/Little Girl,” and it signifies a relationship between two consenting adults that have two very specific roles. One partner, usually a man (that’s the daddy dominant), takes on the role of the paternal figure and caregiver, while the other, usually a woman pretending to be younger (his baby girl, if you will), takes the role of the submissive partner. 

Of course, there are different variations of the DD/LG kink, depending on the gender of each partner. So, for example, there are mommy doms who have their little boys (or little girls) as well. The gender of age players doesn’t matter as much as the dynamic between them (which is the whole point of age play).

Right off the bat, it’s clear that age play has nothing to do with incest or pedophilia, right? Well, you’d think so. However, this kink actually has a bad rap because most people (especially those of the vanilla persuasion) often confuse it or associate it with these illegal and immoral actions.

In reality, a DD/LG relationship is no different than any other kinky relationship. The first rule of BDSM relationships is that everything that happens between partners has to be consensual, and all partners must be of age.  

Strick and nurturing — Daddy dom

Age play is all about domination and submission. That means one person has to take on the role of the dominant partner or the caregiver. In a DD/LG relationship, that’s the daddy dom. 

As mentioned, DD/LG relationships aren’t gender-conforming, but since daddy doms and little girls are the most common roles, we’ll use those terms.

Before we get into the daddy dom duties, it’s important to note that not all DD/LG relationships are of sexual nature. What’s more, some couples only assume their roles in the bedroom or playroom, while others like to incorporate play into their daily lives. The dynamic and frequency of play depend on the partners, their desires, needs, and agreements.

The submissive partner, or the little girl, relies on her daddy dom to take control, take care of her, make decisions for her, and discipline her if necessary. Daddy dom, on the other hand, takes on the mentioned duties and makes sure his little girl has everything she needs and wants. He plays with her, provides for her, and makes her feel safe and comfortable. Of course, he also punishes her if she misbehaves.

Depending on the age of the little girl, daddy dom duties can vary. Sometimes age play involves changing diapers and feeding, while at other times, it can involve dealing with a bratty teenager that loves breaking the rules. As with anything else in kink, it’s all about whatever both parties have previously agreed on.

How to be a good daddy

A good caregiver ensures that his little girl is safe and cared for. He knows what’s best for her and doesn’t hesitate to make decisions or enforce rules, all for her well-being.

The main characteristics of a good daddy dom are:

  • trustworthiness
  • reliability
  • protective nature
  • decisiveness

Of course, a good daddy dom also listens to his baby girl, hears what she needs, and provides for her. That implies being a nurturing yet dominant and strict partner. A good daddy dom will always spoil his little girl and reward her when she follows the rules he came up with. He’ll always buy her the prettiest dresses, princess plugs, and other toys, and he’ll make her feel like the most loved little girl in the universe.

Of course, should she misbehave, a good daddy dom will always punish the little girl with no mercy. That might mean anything from sending her to bed without watching cartoons to plugging her up and not letting her come and using her as a cock-sleeve. As mentioned, rules, rewards, and punishments depend on the dynamic and the nature of the relationship between daddy dom and his little girl.

Silly and childish — Little girl

The role of the little is a submissive one. The little girl relinquishes all control because she knows her daddy dom knows better. She can enjoy her life in a carefree manner because she doesn’t need to make decisions or suffer the consequences. All she has to do is be a good little girl for her daddy dom and follow his rules.

Of course, little girls aren’t always good, and they sometimes misbehave. Being bratty is often the stable characteristic of submissive partners who play the role of a teenage girl. Bratty littles love getting both praise and punishment from their daddies. They’ll enjoy pats on the head and forehead kisses when daddy tucks them into bed and tells them what good girls they’ve been and spankings in equal measure.

How to be a good little girl

Good girls always follow all daddy dom’s rules. They don’t talk back or argue, and they always smile. What’s more, they always look cute and sexy for their daddy doms. 

Because they are childish and love giving up control, little girls trust their partners to do what’s best for them. They enjoy the structure of rule-following and are happy to do anything that would make their daddy doms happy — from making daddy breakfast in bed on the weekends to always swallowing daddy’s spunk like the good little girls they are.

Some of the usual rules enforced by daddy doms are:

  • Cute and frilly outfits, like short skirts and crop tops, must be on during play.
  • Little girls have to follow and honor their curfews (back home at a certain hour, lights out at a certain hour, etc.).
  • Good little girls don’t swear.
  • They also don’t talk to strangers (especially strange men) without daddy’s explicit permission.

What is little space

As mentioned, not all couples engage in age play 24/7. Actually, most of them don’t. Usually, age play is something they do on certain occasions or at set times during the day or week. Before they do, the submissive partner usually has to get into the specific mind frame, which is called little space. 

When the submissive partner is in their little space, they are carefree, docile, happy, and able to take a break from usual day-to-day duties. That makes it easier for them to take on the role of someone who’s younger and child-like.

Reaching the little space isn’t always easy. Some littles use activities such as coloring, playing with stuffed animals, or cuddling with their dom daddies to get into the right frame of mind.

A few parting words

Age play is a common kink. Despite the judgmental attitude, more and more people are speaking openly about it. It’s about nurturing and caring, and it can be a healing experience. Age regression play isn’t something dirty and wrong.

However, it’s vital that age play (and any other form of kink, for that matter) is done right. That means that all parties must agree to whatever is going on, even if it involves playing with a preferred choice of sex toys. They also must be of age and constantly communicate their needs and desires to each other.

Finally, all partners must respect and enforce each other’s soft and hard limits. That’s the only way age play can be pleasurable for all parties.