Is it possible that your lover affects your energy while you are having sex?

Sex is one of the pieces of evidence of romanticism and intimacy. It is a good time spent between lovers. However, the perspective changes from person to person. You can get involved in this physical act only when are close to that person mentally. The bond that you share with the person would encourage you to get want for that person. And surely the physical intimacy among two people enhances the love within them. You yearn more to just be with them for a longer period.

The second phase of love is compassionate love. The feel-good tickles that you get in the starting stages of your relationship gradually fades. Over the period, you would want something more to happen to keep up the spark. When the lovemaking episode happens, it brings the two people even close in terms of trust and love. The connecting hormones make faithful to your partner. As per biology, it is said that your body will find ways to keep you connected to that person even when things seem falling apart at times.

What impact does sex bring on your relationship?

There are various things in a relationship that keeps it going. Sex or physical intimacy is one of the important ones. Let’s find out how.

  • Builds trust– After having sex with your partner, you feel more connected to each other. It’s like you do not have anything to hide. Now you are open to each other in terms of the body, your thoughts, your sex appeal, etc. You have a better grip over each other’s minds. You find ways to fulfill each other’s wishes and keep them happy. The sense of possessing each other also grows. And along with it grows the trust factor. When you feel emotionally and physically attached to someone you do not want to backstab or leave that person. And the other person also feels the same for you. You start relying on each other and your relationship becomes an unbreakable one.
  • You want to explore more of it– When you taste food that appeals to your taste bud, you want to have more of it. The same goes for sex. When you have it with your partner and you both are compatible with each other, you wish to explore more. Making love with your partner is one of the beautiful and relaxing things that you do. And when you want to explore more, you need each other in your life. Lovemaking episodes not only bind you emotionally, but also bring in positivity in your relationship. You crave to be with each other till eternity.
  • Feeling of made for each other – If you feel sexually attuned to each other, it motivates you to stay in the relationship for long. When you are sexually happy and satisfied with each other, you do not look out for other options. Getting attracted to the same person for their appearance and sex appeal is something very rare, yet beautiful. You feel, you are made for each other from heaven. You enjoy each other’s company more than anything else. And that helps you feel that you both make a great couple together. Everyone is in search of happiness. And when you find happiness with someone else, you know that they are the ones created for you.
  • You tune in well– You cannot tune well with everyone. With some, you can enjoy a dinner, while with some you can enjoy a long drive and with some, you can go for a movie or relax. When you can perform everything with one person that is the highest point of companionship. Sex is a physical activity that relaxes your mind and soothes your stressing nerves. Along with the other activities, if you enjoy doing sex with your partner, then you are the best company for each other. You get along doing things that make both of you happy and in return, you become tied to each other. And you do not require anyone else in your life.
  • Want of to be together for a lifetime – Not every relationship works. You have to make them work sometimes with your extra effect. However, it’s proven that partners who have a satisfying sex life tend to stay together forever in spite of a few tensions that sometimes arise in their life. It is said that our body finds a reason to be together with each other. And that factor keeps the relationship going. When you make love to each other, you don’t want to betray that person. They become an important part of your life. The guys feel a sense of responsibility after getting physically intimate. And the girl gets intimate only when they are sure of the relationship. So both of them feel a strong bond.

How does your energy level get positively affected by sex?

In this part of the article, we are going to discuss how sex can drive your energy levels up and down as well.

Below are the reasons for high energy levels due to sex and their outcomes:

  • You want more of your partner –Your body releases dopamine hormones when you have sex. And these hormones make you lovesick which means you lack appetite and face insomnia. Although people like these feelings as they feel internally happy even when they are not able to eat or sleep properly. And this is what makes the partners crave for each other more. You tend to get addicted to your partner and when you are with them sharing hugs and kisses, you are on cloud nine.
  • Empathize with your partner –When a couple is deeply bonded for life, they can relate to each other’s pain. There is a lot of empathy in their relationship with each other. This means that they feel the physical pain that their partner is going through and try to rescue them. It may sound illogical, but this has been proved by science as well. Researchers say that we empathize when our brain runs a virtual simulation of the other person’s experience. And that is how we understand the exact feeling of the other person.
  • Share the same emotional mood– Social Psychology says that couples who are in a healthy relationship, share the same level of stress hormone. That implies that both the person feels happy and sad together. Studies say that a couple’s hormones can be in sync with each other. When one feels bad or stressed out, the other person is likely to feel it. No one wants to see their loved one in a bad mood, so just to make the partner cheerful; you also change your mood. And you both feel good and positive.
  • Tend to kiss your partner more– Through a kiss; you subconsciously assess your potential partner. You do it by testing the biological compatibility cues. It is said that people who kiss a lot are found to have higher levels of oxytocin. Their satisfaction level is also high in the relationship. When you are satisfied with each other to spend time more and get cozy with all the touches and hugs. This sparks up the relationship even more.
  • You don’t like anybody else’s company – The gush of feel-good chemicals that runs inside you for your partner cannot be for anyone else. You feel passionate to be with your partner always and do things with them only. It has been found that the oxytocin hormone also helps men to stay monogamous. They do not feel the love and bond for any other female in their life. Sex binds your love so firmly that you find bliss with your partner and no one else appeals to you.

Adverse effects of sex on your energy levels

  • Energy loss of mind and body –Sex is a physical activity and is a form of exercise. It takes away most of your energy. It also tires your mind because a lot of it starts in your head. The attraction, sense of intimacy and awareness gets built up in your brain. And post-sex your body and mind both feel the lack of energy. You feel lifeless and want to rest for a while.
  • Late-night sex is most exhaustive– It is found that if you get into sex play after midnight, you tend to wake up feeling lethargic. That is primarily because you get less resting time. Your body needs at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and when you don’t get it, you feel drained out. Early morning sex doesn’t tire you much comparatively.
  • Being too good on the bed can be tiring – There are situations when both the partners are good at bed. They tend to make more sex now and then as they feel irresistible. This can be tiring for both the partners. Certain intervals are also required for your body to rest and do it again.

The article will give you a complete insight of your varying energy levels while having sex. You shouldn’t be hard on yourself and let it happen to the extent which suffices both the partners.